Why do Jews look like Caucasians?

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I’m confused as to what you mean by this. Could you elucidate? It’s pretty clear that the Jews did live in/control the area called Palestine before the creation of Israel for long stretches of time.

I mean that Jews are no more Palestinians than they are Babylonians or Egyptians.

If you want to claim that Jews were living within the borders of an area once referred to as Palestine, I can’t deny that. I’ve no doubt that the groups lived in close proximity to one another in various times of history and that intermarriage occurred just as it did elsewhere. But I don’t understand either historically or ethnically how the claim that Jews are Palestinians can hold up. And to say that Jews should stress the fact that they are Palestinians, to put it politely, betrays a lack of understanding for the current reality.

I’d recommend to the OP the wikipedia articles on Ashkenazi Jews (i.e. North European Jews) and Sephardi Jews (i.e. South Europe/Middle-Eastern Jews). The Ashkenazim look white because they’ve been subjected to the same environmental selection as non-Jewish northern Europeans. It’s not like anyone has a monopoly on whiteness. Dump any population in the area and wait fifty generations and “bleaching” will be apparent.

In the 20th century, Israel (as well as the pre-1948 proto-Israel) received mass immigration of Ashkenazi Jews from Europe and the Americas.

Well, I am outta here. If there is one thing I hate, it is a know-it-all and this seems to be the gathering point for them.

One clarification that I feel needs to be made is in regard to Gordon’s book. Of course it has been updated from the 1953 version. The version I am reading is copyrighted 1997. It might not be the best resource out there, but for me it was an entertaining and educational read.

Thanks again to all those who replied with an educational intent. I appreciate those responses.

Oh and if this was confusing to anyone, I was not at the Alamo. LOL.

This is why they advise you to browse before signing up. That said, you’re getting information your book didn’t have.

Just to say- genes can do funny, funny things.
I’m supposed to be 1/4 Jewish, 5/8ths Irish and 1/8th German.

My dad has typical Irish colouring- milk white skin, dark hair, blue eyes, my maternal grandmother had blue eyes, red hair and fair skin. Yet, my mother, her siblings and my siblings, cousins and I all take after my Jewish maternal grandfather.

We all have very dark eyes, dark hair and dark skin. I have been taken for Indian, Malaysian, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Moroccan, Israeli, Mexican and, of all things, Vietnamese.

Just as sometimes the children of mixed marriages take after the Gentile parent, they can also take after the Jewish one.

Well, they obviously don’t call themselves Palestinians and never will, for reasons given above. But to a certain extent that is semantic - and I’m still not entirely sure what you’re claiming. I think it’s fairly clear that the ancestors of the Jews originated in the area once called Palestine, or at least immigrated there in pre-historical times. They ruled there, were kicked out (by the Babylonians), ruled there again, kicked out again (this time by the Romans, who renamed the area Palestine), etc.

The Jews clearly do have historical ties, beyond a few of them living there, to the land called Palestine pre-1947 or whenever.

Like the Italians said to the Greeks, and the Turks said to the Italians, in the film *Mediterraneo:

Una faccia, una razza*
(One face, one race)

It is not that simple. The bottom line is that the Zionist movement with the help of the West relocated the displaced people of Europe to Palestine, seized land, and chased the natives off. This has happened a lot in history.

Of course, like in the US or South Africa, myths were created to explain it. In Palestine, the myth is “A land without people for a people without land.”

There are so many layers of lies that the truth is very deeply buried, unless you actually talk to the people who lived there a half century ago.

I have.

Also, rape. From centuries living as a minority among gentiles who might take their pleasure with a Jewish woman any time they felt like it. Which, I believe, is why the rabbis declared, at some point, that the deciding factor is, you’re Jewish if you have a Jewish mother.

And conversion. While Judaism has never solicited converts there have been some over the years, some philosophically and some because they married a Jewish man or woman and some probably for other reasons, but (I need hardly say “please correct me if I’m wrong”) Jews, like Muslims, may have private/individual prejudices against Jews who are not of Middle Eastern semitic ancestry but ideologically there is no distinction as long as the converts keep the Law. (Then of course there’s the interesting case of the Lemba and their oral history that was cemented by DNA, and the fact that there’s hardly anybody on these boards who if a complete DNA analysis were done wouldn’t have a “How the hell did that get there? (I don’t even know anybody who’s met any Eskimoes!)” mysteries.

To continue the hijack: In the beginning, they didn’t just move in, they were invited in. The Spanish aristocracy that controlled the Mexican government at the time had no desire to settle and stay in such an uncivilized land. So they were more than happy to have the uncouth Anglos move in a become citizens, with strings attached.

A little closer to the OP: As alluded to earlier, watch a Mexican television station for a while. The Mexicans on TV look nothing like the immigrants I see in Texas. The immigrants are obviously decended from native American folks. I like to imagine Inca or Aztec.

Aztec might be closer to the mark although I don’t think that the Aztec were that far north, they most definitely were not Incas. The Incas were in South America, more specifically in Peru and Ecuador.

Does anyone else think that we’re still going to be sniping and arguing and stamping the ground over these petty issues in 200 more years? What color was your mother? Where was your great great great great grandfather born? What religion was your great great great great, etc.? Whose land was this in 100 B.C.? At some point, we’re going to have to evolve past this stuff, aren’t we? Beyond all these surface features, these irrelevant matters, to things like, will you watch my kid while I run to the store? And I can help you do that. And come on over and have dinner with us. And let’s do this together. Stuff like that. Given the state of affairs in the world, wouldn’t it behoove us to give these matters a rest? sheesh. Doesn’t someone have to make a concerted effort to say, Ah, crap, who gives a rat’s ass, come on in and sit down in my house, we’ll make room for you.

Alas, at some point sooner or later someone will want to do things the way he thinks it’s right and good, and someone else will say, no, not in my house/around my kids you won’t and the first guy will say “but you let me in, you must have known I would do things my way” and the second guy will say “how could you think that?” and the first guy will say “it was good enough for my parents and grandparents” and the second guy will say “well, who the hell were they anyway” and you know the rest…

As for the Israeli leadership, it’s not just the Ashkenazim, the Sephardim also have many fair-complexioned people in their ranks. In any case, the entire block of land that includes from Syria to Yemen and across the Sinai to Egypt has since almost forever been inhabited by a hodgepodge of ethnic groups, some more African, some more Caucasian.

In 200 years our new frog people overlords will make us forget such superficialities and we’ll unite to drive them out. Then we’ll go back to caring while we still have the guns we used on the frog people.

Considering how many thousands of years we’ve been fighting over similar issues? Sadly, yes.

Of course the reason that Jews who are not of European description is because “pureblood” Jews are shapeshifters, or can be when the moon is full. I once saw a Jew go from looking just like Winona Ryder to looking like a polar bear to looking like Emmanuel Lewis right before my eyes in the course of three minutes. They cannot take the form of a swine or shellfish, however, so if you ever wonder if your sea monkeys are really Jews, they’re probably not, unless they’re not pureblood.