Why do many conservatives paint the entire public school system with a broad brush?

Yes. I went to Catholic elementary school, then to a Jesuit high school, and went to a Jesuit college for one year (and then transferred to another university for reasons having nothing to do with religion). And it didn’t even cause me to lapse. :wink:

Of course not.

Sure. And I absolutely support their right to send their children to religious schools. Including your hypothetical Islamic school.

But when we’re talking about conservatives (as opposed to religious people who want to educate their children in their faith), it seems that conservatives don’t just want to send their kids elsewhere, they want to abolish public schools. And, of course, teachers’ unions.

Absolutely true, of course.

Is that really a common view? I thought it was only a minority.

For those who think unions are all about teacher pay, right now we are in my wife’s hometown, a city of about 125,000. A lot of wealth here, good jobs, Microsoft has a large campus here, Amazon is building a huge warehouse facility, it’s often on the safest cities to live lists and gets written up fairly often by east and west coast magazines as a gay friendly place to live. 85% white, 7% black, 3.5% asian, 3% bi-racial and the rest others.

Right now, teachers are negotiating for a new contract, and the number one thing on their list is not wages, hours worked, health care, or vacation. The number one thing is violence against teachers. The middle school( I think grades 6-8) teacher in the negotiations, said her school alone had over 2,200 instances last year. And that wasn’t even the top middle school, one had over 3,000. That’s a shit load of violence directed against teachers in a city that is basically one giant middle class suburb.

This comes directly from conservatives cutting school funding. There is very little money for students with special needs so they are just plopped down in a class with teachers who have no experience in what their needs are. These students can’t understand what’s being taught, hence comes frustration and then striking out at the teachers. Totally fucked up.

Whenever I see something online, or hear it IRL, that says something like “I believe that children should start every morning with prayer,” I reply, “Great! If you believe that, then pray with your kids over breakfast.”

IIRC it was on PBS where I saw some kids at a Muslim parochial school say, in the Pledge of Allegiance, “one nation, under Allah…”

Herpes CAN be fatal, if the person is immune-compromised.

My biggest issue with abstinence-only education is that it can be very distressing to teens for whom sexual activity is not an option because they couldn’t find a partner if their lives depended on it, or conversely, someone who’s being sexually abused by a family member or someone else in a position of authority.

Strange. Don’t remember ever saying anything against teachers’ unions…

Here’s a summary of some points made on the thread title-question of why many conservatives voice negative generalizations about public education. The quotation marks indicate that these are common beliefs of conservatives, as well as common motivations behind those beliefs:

  • “If government does it, it must be vilified”

  • “If unions are involved, it must be vilified” (some-time exception: police unions)

  • “Public education is demonstrably terrible and ineffective and corrupt, and so are the people involved in it”

  • What’s taught undermines conservative messaging (e.g. evolution; climate science; ‘diversity is good’—all contradict conservative and/or fundamentalist Christian orthodoxy)

  • Public schools serve non-whites, and white supremacists don’t want their tax dollars helping non-whites

  • Conservatives believe they own their children and should face no government interference, even in the case of committing violence against those children

I’ll add that even though each of these themes can be justified in view of the mindset and worldview of many conservatives, an additional factor (not yet mentioned, I believe) is important: These “reasons” for seeking the demise of public education have been sold to conservatives for decades, via the politicians owned by Koch Network and other dark-money suppliers, and via the right-wing media bubble supported and funded by those same entities.

People who identify as “conservative” hear these ideas again and again, from every news or opinion source to which they are exposed. Day in and day out, they get used to the idea that Everybody who’s Anybody accepts these ideas—because they never hear contradictory views expressed except in the context of ‘here’s a stupid liberal saying stupid liberal things.’

The right-wing media bubble is all that some conservatives ever experience. No wonder they are able to believe so many nonsensical things.

I don’t understand your point here. Could you explain further.
I agree with you about abstinence only education. It is kind of like in drivers ed not teaching what to do in a skid because you are not supposed to go into a skid.

Just like the OP.