Why do pets stare? More specifically, why does my dog stare at my wife?

One of my elderly cats knows exactly when he can expect the good stuff: canned food. He’ll lie dozing on my lap all day (if I let him) but at around four in the afternoon he’ll wake up, have a good stretch, jump off my lap an saunter towards the kitchen door from where he proceeds to stare at me.

Yep, he does have me well trained.

I’d like to know that too because I don’t think the intended meaning in that sentence is to throw up or throw her out.

But yeah, he wants a cookie.

One of our dogs will stare at me until I figure out why. Once I figure it out, she’s cool again. It might be that she wants a treat, it might be that her special toy is trapped under the china cabinet. If it’s because Timmy fell down the well, then Timmy’s screwed. I go by process of elimination and looking down the well is waaaay down the list.

I did not go out first thing to do the critter stuff.

Dawg came to the window where he would be right in front of me while I am on the computer. He did this once before because it was coming a flood and I did not know he was around. He just wanted in.

I went out to see as it was not raining. He had food. He just wanted a scritch & apparently it was high time I came out to do that.

My training continues on a daily basis.

There’s your answer.

It was an incorrect auto-correct that I thought I had anti-corrected.

“boof” (verb, intransitive)
to make a soft vocalization intended to convey a request, need for attention, expression of curiosity, or greeting

It’s that sound the dog makes when (s)he is not barking, whining, growling, or trying to talk

I haven’t seen this angle mentioned yet, and darn, I don’t remember where I saw it discussed. Scientific American, maybe?

Humans have more exposed ‘whites of the eyes’ (I think the biological term is ‘sclera’) than other animals. If you want to see where a human is actually looking - as opposed to which way her/his head is turned - you or your dog or cat must actually look at that human’s eyes, and the whites will show which way the eyes are pointed.

…as I recall the article saying.