why do you have to have health insurance to go to college?

You don’t need health insurance. Very few people under the age of 23 get a catastrophic illness. Where I went to college, the student had to pay for the college clinic, which I used once or twice. That’s fine by me. Colleges are also businesses, including the state supported institutions. For example, we were forced to pay an “activity fee” to cover discount sports tickets, the brand new gymnasium and whatnot. A friend I knew in college complained about this fee, because he never used these facilities and hated sports. He went to school and came home.

Insurance has a large lobby in the USA. Insurance companies have strong armed the American public for too long. We live in an age now where any kind of risk is unacceptable, and illegal. The snakes who run insurance tell schools that it is “immoral”, “unsafe”, and “horrendous” that ANYONE should walk around the streets without health insurance. Oh my!

Insurance companies are there to make money and deny claims wherever possible. To be forced to buy anything should be illegal. Why in the world does a Harvard law student need health insurance? In case a law book falls on their head? In case they get drunk and get hit by a truck? Why?

The truth of the matter is that for the money we are throwing away on health insurance, we can save this money, put it in the bank or an IRA account, and watch the money grow, and then WE can set aside money for health insurance. We can return to an age of personal responsibilty and put sumball insurance agents out of business. Period.

My school also requires health coverage as a “non-academic condition of admittance.” If you have same or better coverage from elsewhere (such as I do with the military’s Tri-Care), you may get a waiver from participating in the school’s plan. Please check here for information on the requirement.

You don’t need health insurance? When a checkup at the doctor’s office costs $100+, you do. Unless you’re an emergency room leech.

If you saved the money that people throw away on health insurance, you can afford the 100 dollar hospital visits. the reason hospitals are so expensive is because of insurance.

If insurance was outlawed, hospitals would be cheaper. Insurance companies are scam artists.

Luckily, a doctor’s visit at my school costs $10 (as of last quarter; it might increase for next school-year).

corndog man: You’ve tossed out a number of assertions about the health care system as though they are fact. Please provide some support in the form of a reputable citation of those assertions.