Why Does the Civil War Battle of July 21, 1861 Have Two Names?

You’re right. I got it backwards. The point I was making was that the dual name situation didn’t arise because Gettysburg was a double victory for the Union.

It’s amusing to note that I was reminded of this question while listening to the song “Amtrak Crescent” by Scott Miller & The Commonwealth. The song playfully notes many of the major train stations on the line from New Orleans to DC and comments on the Manassas stop –
you better say Manassas if you say Bull Run
or in Virginia you won’t get along with anyone.

I wonder ifConfederate Railroadhas done a cut of that.

Also, the closest body of water to Gettysburg of any size or significance is the Susquehanna River, but that’s too far away to be useful as a descriptor.