Why has the SDMB been as successful as it has for so long?

I think a big piece is also that we have mature posters. I mean, Reddit is great for reading, but productive debate isn’t necessarily its strong suit.

I made a post in a video game thread about why what a company was doing as far as making the game such that players playing at the highest level basically have to be fantastically good, or pay real money for maintenance costs (it’s a tank/airplane/ship game), and was pilloried for being a bootlicker for the company.

The general thrust was that the company doesn’t “care” about the game, while my point was that they do care… about the money players represent. And that lower-tier players typically spend money on improvements, cosmetics, etc… but that higher tier players already have all that, so the only way to monetize them is to do something like up the maintenance costs.

Apparently according to Reddit, video game companies are supposed to produce video games as passion projects first, and monetize them after the fact or something equally moronic. And I got my ass chewed and called names for suggesting that they’re a business and that their #1 goal is to make money from people willing to pay for stuff in a free-to-play game.

That is why the SDMB is still around; saying something like that here may irritate people, but we’ll debate it fairly and consider its merits. And we’re not 12 year olds who think that businesses operate for reasons other than to make money.

Since the switch to Discourse, a lot of the results aren’t Googleable. I usually use Google to search the boards for old threads. Frequently, threads that I know should be here just don’t turn up. I worry that the board is losing a lot of organic traffic on topics that had a lot of discussion on this board that can’t be found anywhere else. Without Google, they can’t be found here either.

I use Reddit quite frequently as well, but the amount of garbage that shows up on the front page is pretty bad. Some days, half the posts will be from the Wall Street Bets subreddit, and there’s always sure to be one from the MurderedByAOC subreddit that just shows whatever vomit comes out of AOC’s Twitter feed. SDMB has a much better balance of what shows up on the front page. The maturity aspect that @bump mentions is huge as well…none of this bullshit like on reddit every time the number 69 is mentioned. Some Reddit threads are unreadable because of all the jokes about that number.

You know, I think you just perfectly captured the subconscious reason behind why I hardly post to Reddit anymore. There are so many times I see posts that are factually correct or make predictions based on pragmatic reality, yet get downvoted to oblivion and shouted down by the rabble for not being the rose-colored things they want to hear.

Oh, dear.

Reddit subreddits tend to engender a hive mind mentality. Everyone there is there for a very specific topic so kinda self-select homogenous crowds. I have found gaming subreddits to be among the absolute worst (apart from really specific hive mind subreddits like /r/The_Donald which will ban you if you say so much as one unfavorable thing about Trump).

I too have been lambasted relentlessly for pretty innocuous things in gaming subreddits. Even if I provide a cite to backup my point from a respected source…doesn’t matter.

Reddit does not lend itself well to lengthy debates by its very nature and how it operates. The SDMB does.

Also, I think the SDMB faithful are pretty good at demanding a certain level of quality from the other posters. It’s harder to get away with BS here. That is not to say bad posts and arguments do not happen but overall it works well.

I would also add the SDMB community seems more tightly knit. People “know” each other here. You become familiar with certain posters and care more about what they are saying. Reddit is far more anonymous.

The filthy, ridiculous jokes on reddit are one of my favorite things about it.

But reddit skews pretty young and is also immature in ways I don’t like. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen kids 'splaining adulthood to grown-ass adults. Plus people can drive - by post really hurtful things in otherwise innocuous threads. That kind of thing doesn’t fly here. I feel more comfortable being myself here.

I’ve seen a very distinct trend of Boomer-bashing on Reddit lately.

I am not a Boomer (Gen-X) but still…it’s starting to get toxic and offensive. A little here and there…eh…whatever. Now it crops up in places where I would never expect it and is a non-sequitur but they go there anyway and a pile-on ensues.

The Parents Are Always to Blame for Everything. It’s kind of comical.

Parents Are Ruining Everything.

I’ve seen that too. I’m a Gen-Xer and I’ve given fewer than 50 downvotes, but the vast majority of those were for Boomer-bashing.

Same as Soylent Green: It’s PEOPLE!

There are a lot of subreddits for older folds. /r/GenX and /r/GenerationJones for example. There is also /r/askoldpeople which is where younger Millennials and younger can ask elders for advice or about what things were like in the old days.

I first visited the board from reading the column online and have been reading and very occasionally posting for a long time. Moderation is definitely the key, and the board’s culture of requiring people to actually back their statements up with evidence is something I don’t see a lot of elsewhere on the internets. In fact, much of the online world seems downright opposed to it.

Reddit seems to be a lot of 22 year olds telling everybody how they figured it all out, listen to me, man. I get it, I was 22 once too, but it doesn’t make for productive conversation.