Why Have An Autopsy For Whitney Houston?

First of all, I am sorry for your loss. 44 is really too young to go and suddenly. However, remember an autopsy is employed to aceertain cause of death. If there was a period of time between symptoms starting and his death and in that period of time he was seen by medical experts, they could have properly deduced cause of death.

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Yes, it’s because she’s a celebrity. That’s the *only *reason to perform an autopsy on someone found dead with no obvious cause. :rolleyes:

Have you? Are we reading a different thread? Cuz I’m seeing plenty of legal (and pragmatic) reasons to perform an autopsy whether or not we’d ever heard of the now-deceased or gave a shit about her music, career, etc.

I’m pretty sure that Eyebrows of Doom was being sarcastic.

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I was talking to a pathologist just this weekend who had a relevant story to tell. He identified the cause of death of a young woman as being a hitherto unknown genetic arrhythmia. He then spent the afternoon tracking down her extended family. Twelve of them had the condition and have now had pacemakers fitted. When someone asked why it was his job to track them down he said that going through normal channels would have taken weeks or months and one of them could have died in the meantime.