Why is Biden being held to a much higher standard than Trump was?

Deeper in the sewage than Gutfield? Now that’s some nasty shit.

So you’re saying that the far-right created a strawman so that they could knock it down and claim that Biden was a failure and a hypocrite. And it’s working, because the far-right supporters believe it.

Worse - it’s “comic-book villain logic” again. “It’s your fault for not stopping me from doing something bad and/or for not fixing the effects of the bad thing I am doing even as I actively continue to work to prevent you from fixing it” just about works as an approach if you’re the Green Goblin taunting Spider-Man while throwing his girlfriend off a bridge. When a major political party is operating at that level, the country is in serious trouble.

Is that “working” though? Winning the votes of people who were already going to vote for you doesn’t seem very productive.

Very true but the USA has been operating at this level for some time, ever since Gingrich tried and succeeded with a “scorched earth” strategy by which he simply reflexively blocked anything Democrats tried to do, and found the electorate did not punish Republicans for it.

I hold my neighbour to a much higher standard than his dog.

If his dog gets out and craps on my lawn, I"m not surprised. My expectations are that my neighbour will not crap on my lawn himself. So I hold him to a much higher standard than his dog.

Trump is the dog shitting on the lawn. It’s not newsworthy. It’s what dogs do. You sigh and clean it up. Biden is like the neighbour who drives over a corner of your lawn by the driveway. Irritating, but better than him having a dump in front of your living room window.