why is my cat Oscar born like he was

I don’t think that’s what they meant by cat breeding.

Good point. Wildcats might not be attracted to the kind of food that hunter-gatherers would have, since many types of (wild) cats dont’ scavenge and eat only what they can kill themselves.

I don’t think he was speaking to that.

While the domestic house cat is not closely related to any of the Great Cats, as it turns out genetic work has shown that the house-cat sized Jaguarundi is essentially a pygmy version of the Puma (or maybe the Puma is a giant Jaguarundi).

One thing that I have heard (yeah, not a good source) is that the Ancient Egyptians discovered that cats were better at protecting stored grain than dogs. If you got a dog and put him in your silo or warehouse, he could get into the grain and eat away your profit. If you had a cat, the cat didn’t care about the grain and would happily eat mice all day.

Bingo, I grew up on a farm and we did that with Owls. Between our barn cats and owls you had any rodent problem under control. You never could kill all the mice but you had it down to a level where it didn’t matter.

I miss owl boxes and the barn owls.