Why is the flush handle on the left hand side?


Can’t speak for the rest of the antipodes but most toilets in Australia have a dual flush button on top, in the centre of the cistern.

I once lived in a large Victorian that had 4 upstairs apartments.
Three of the units shared a hallway bathroom. The bathroom had a wall
mounted toilet tank and the pull chain was at the right side of the throne when
seated. I guess this was more convenient for the 90% of occupants who were
right handed.

The hallway bathroom, being Victorian, meant that left-handed people had been forced to be right-handed since early childhood. So Thomas Crapper’s business decision was a no-brainer.

The Master speaketh. Note that only the first part of this column concerns left-handedness, the rest is about the G-spot…

I’m with you there. I’ve been trying to visualise WTF a flush handle looks like and exactly where it’s located.

Even back before they were dual flush, the old indoor dunny’s had a button to press in the lid of the cistern.

Yes, left/right discrimination is frowned upon.

But on which side is the half-flush?

And ladies’ toilets have it on the other side, so their maids can do it for them.

Henry VIII’s Groom of the Stool, of course, had only a hole to think about.

Kind of a precussor to the Norden bombsight?

The top side.

It’s my understanding that the common original design for a flush toilet involved a tank that was mounted high on the wall (one can still see this in some places, and the placement of a toilet tank is a minor plot point in The Godfather) and operated by pulling down on a chain. For a person sitting on the toilet, this chain was positioned for the right hand. When the tanks began migrating down to waist level, the internal mechanisms of the tank were largely unchanged from their right-side-chain orientation, so the handles were placed on that side. It was no longer feasible to operate while sitting on the toilet, though, but rather while standing facing it - hence it was now on the operator’s left.

Yea, but who flushes while they are still sitting on the toilet?

Eighty years ago… everybody, I think. Or at least that was an option. I’m not sure exactly when overhead tanks fell out of fashion, but the transition to low tanks didn’t involve flipping the internal mechanisms around to maintain a right-side bias.

Two holes.

Actually, three, metaphorically. His own ass was on the line. :: how to run a joke into the ground ::

Five, come to that, but who’s counting? It was double entendre-ish, in a naughty '50s Carry On movie sort of way, with James Robertson Justice as Hank.

Exactly. Who would want the splash-back? Besides, how else could you inspect your work, if you don’t stand up while flushing?

Push Button, Receive Pythons?