Why is the lowermost button/buttonhole different from the others on some shirts

I’ve been meaning to start a thread here asking about the horizontal buttonhole. I’m in the US, and about a year or so ago got my very first shirt with a horizontal lower button hole. I now have three, I think.

I don’t like it. I’ve never had a problem with my lower button coming unbuttoned. I do find it more difficult to unbutton when I want to do so. So I’m with thelabdude that it’s a change for no benefit, and with a downside, however small that downside may be.

I’ve never noticed different colored thread, but haven’t specifically looked. I wouldn’t mind the different colored thread, because that would be a change for no benefit with no particular downside.

I first saw it on the assorted shirts I got for Christmas, both dress and some of the flannels. They were all from J. C. Penny’s, too.

The shirt I’m wearing at the moment has its lowest buttonhole vertical like the others. But it is in a separate piece of cloth (4x4cm) that’s sewn onto the inside of the shirt, so that you can’t see the button itself even when it’s done up. This can’t be to make it invisible as the stitching that holds that piece of fabric is quite visible. Very odd, I have to say.

It’s at about belt level or a little below; perhaps the idea is that if you do it up and tuck it into your pants (I never bother with either) it won’t get caught on the inside of your jeans?

I also only started seeing this in the last year or two.

For what it’s worth, I don’t buy the “it helps it not come undone” theory…

My wife works part time at Penney’s. She gets a nice employee discount plus knows when all the best sales are. She is also there to pounce on clearance items. So yes, I am wearing lots of St Johns Bay, but most of my dress shirts are Stafford. They too have had that stupid horizontal button hole the last year or 2. I have some nice heavy flannel shirts with the horizontal button hole and I hadn’t noticed them being harder to button.

So who find the slacks with 2 buttons and a hook more bother than they are worth too? I have cut the flap and one button off on some of mine.

From here:

Search results on other sites indicates this is the general answer.

I thought you weren’t even supposed to button the bottom button.

That’s the rule for a three-button suit jacket, not a shirt.

Maybe the country of manufacture is the common element? Anybody check that for shirts with and without the horizontal buttonhole?

I don’t on a coat but I have never heard that on a shirt. But then again I don’t keep up on fashion that much. On coats if you button it the coat will look funny as I recall, in fact if I am not mistaken the button is offset just slightly from the button hole, so if you button it, it will leave a little rumple.

Damn it–now you people are going to go make me put on a suit coat!

Well… dontcha know, I just HAD to get up, walk upstairs, and look in the dang closet and SEE, how many of my shirts, were of WHICH particular style! (Yeah, yeah… I know… I’m easily amused, and way, too curious!:D)
The census tally is… (drum roll, please :rolleyes:) about half and half! :confused:

I will say, that I’m constantly impressed with Master Colibri’s seemingly infinite amount of knowledge, about matters that range from being philosophically, earth shattering… to the mind boggleingly, trivial!:eek:
(Although, I guess he could just have some REALLY good, “Google” skills!:D)

Regardless, I have come to the realization, that if I REALLY want to know, something about ANYTHING…** The SDMB, is the only place to go! **:cool:

I mentioned above that it varies even within a single manufacturer. All my St. John’s Bay shirts that I checked were made in Bangadesh. Some have the horizontal button, some don’t; there is no clear correlation with how “dressy” the shirt is (but all are fairly casual).

Don’t forget to check all of your shirts, to see which ones have the bottom button hole going up/down, or side to side! :smiley:

There are people poking there head into the room, wondering…
WHY, am I laughing, so hysterically!