Why is US flag printed in reverse on US airplanes?

I wasn’t sure what you were getting at using my post as a lead in. I didn’t think they were opposing points, but I’m not as quick at grasping meanings anymore. I also agree that when a side is displayed it’s in the mannor listed, so I believe it’s a consensus.

The American flag gets displayed this way on this side of an aeroplane…but other countries don’t necessarily follow suit. For example compare these two images of one plane - each have the flag in the same pattern, not following the ‘as if it were flying’ principle.

The question commonly comes up in reference to the way the Army wears it on their BDUs. The answer was already stated, but just keep in mind that the star field always leads the flag, as if it were flying. That’s really all there is to it.

:smack: Thanks!