Why isn't credit card info stolen more often?

It does matter though.
If you come to my store and buy $45.26 worth of stuff and pay with a credit card, at my standalone machine. After you leave I can simply refund the $45.26 and take the cash from the register. Since the CC machine and the register aren’t connected, you’ll never know it happened, neither will your credit card or the business’ credit card processor. The only entity I have to be concerned with (as far as being caught) is my employer.

Look at it this way, in this scenario, it no different than me walking up to the register and just refunding some random amount and taking the cash. The only reason for voiding a specific transaction is in an attempt to cover your tracks. That way if your employer asks about it, the refund/void matches a transaction and you can claim that it has something to do with that.

PS, you’ll have to excuse me if this isn’t what you meant, I really should wait at least 5 minutes after waking up to start posting.

Let me put it this way to you.

I have a product that I sell to you the customer. I accept your credit card and the payment is successful. I then package up the product and send it to you. You receive it and are really happy with the product and the customer service you got from me.
Next week or next month you buy from me again and again. Each time you get exactly what you ordered on time and with great customer service.

You have had hassle free service from me and my company and there are no strange charges on your card or any reasons for complaints. I sleep happy in my bed and you sleep happy in yours.

Or . . . . . . .

You buy something from me and when you get your statement, your account has been emptied with lots of charges from hotel suites to airline tickets and food online. There maybe even a few transactions for the odd porn site.
You contact your bank who reverse all of the transactions and give you your money back.
The Police show up at my door in the middle of night and arrest me for fraud.
You never buy from my company ever again and I am sat in a prison cell.

Really, its a no brainer.

Not necessarily. If you completely process a charge on my credit card, then later process a refund, they show as two transactions on my card. Presumably, they also show as two separate transactions on any report the merchant gets too. An excessive number of these is suspicious.

I assume what you mean is that the transaction is not processed in the register, or the refund is processed on the register, but not the credit card machine. In this case, the credit card amount is up the $45 and the cash is down the $45 pocketed.

Plus, taking the cash out of the register does nothing for the register. Presumably, you rang up the charge on the cash register also. So to make it balance, you need to process that refund on the register. Often, these require a supervisor override. The fancier tills and computer systems will process explicit logs (to match to the security camera footage) plus reports of all refunds.

but these don’t create credit card fraud per the OP. It’s simple employee theft and needs sufficient cash. It could just as easily be done with cash only, if the employee has the ability to enter refunds unsupervised.

(The case my wife found, the cashier never hit the final sale, then when the customer walked away, hit the cancel transaction. As long as the customer does not expect a final receipt, this works. Does not require as much override authority on the register. But the register kept a computer log of all keystrokes…)