Why people hate Vin Diesel?

I hate him because he borrowed my Li’l Smokey outdoor grill, and has yet to return it. Plus he called my sister a cow and kicked my dog. What a dick.

I don’t like The Rock, or Steven Seagull, but I really like Vin Diesel. I also think Troy would be a much better movie with Vin Diesel as Achilles.

Are you sure about that?

The only Vin Diesel movie I’ve ever seen is The Iron Giant.

Based on that data point, I have to say he’s a great actor. :slight_smile:

(And hey, the guy plays Dungeons & Dragons, doesn’t that count for anything?)

Another factor is greed. He reportedly wanted $25 million for 2 Fast 2 Furious. Usually, you have to be extraordinarily successful and a guaranteed moneymaker a la Arnold Schwarzenegger before you can even sniff that kind of cash. Jim Carrey at his absolute peak never pulled in that much. Of course, Universal refused, and they had to change the premise of the entire movie as a result (and did a good job, IMHO).

Too much, too soon, for someone who really isn’t that great an actor. Yeah, I can see how that’d breed resentment.

I don’t hate Diesel, to me he is just the big guy in the action movies right now. Personally, I think he would make a better villain than hero, but that’s just opinion.

Maybe he just didn’t want to be typecast into that role. He would have been willing to do that for $25,000,000, though (or maybe he just wanted to be nice with the studio and not burn any bridges, and set a price high enough that they would be likely to refuse but not an intentionally ridiculous one.)

You’re joking, right? That had to have been one of the most horrible movies I have ever seen and this is coming from someone who didn’t mind xXx when I finally gave it a shot.

And to stay on topic, I find Diesel inoffensive for the most part. He’s no worse than any other actor of similar credentials and is a hell of a lot better than a good portion of them.

Yeah, I was wondering if DKW had been sniffing a little too much nitrous oxide when he wrote that. 2Fast 2Furious was one stooooopid movie.

Cole Hauser (soon to be in Paparazzi, which I really want to see) and Eva (yowsa!) Mendes were bright spots, though. Beyond those actors, there was exactly one interesting (not necessarily good, mind you) scene in that crapfest: the tag-team drag race between O’Conner/Pearce and those guys driving the (I think) Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro. When the neon-laden rice burners fall behind, the Camaro driver says, derisively, “Yeah, you guys can’t beat good ol’ American muscle”.

At that moment, I had a flash of insight, the only intellectual response the film stimulated in me: you can’t beat muscle; the nuts and bolts of moviemaking. No matter how much glitzy crap you throw at an audience, your picture ain’t going nowhere without solid acting, writing and direction, and this film had zero, zilch and bupkus.

Cosmic, man.

Because he’s the latest “movie star” that the hollywood publicity machine is trying to shove down our throats, regardless of whether we actually like to watch him on screen or not. When it becomes too obvious that someone’s being heavily promoted and publicized, the public will react negatively. See “Lopez, Jennifer” for the most egregious example.

Because his fake name is “Vin Diesel.” Diesel?! Uh, could it be more obvious what image you’re going for? I imagine him picking his stage name:
“What about Joe Propane?”
“Too generic.”
“Pete Petrol?”
“People will thing you’re British.”
“Ed Unleaded!”
“Vin Diesel?”
"It’s perfect!
p.s. My money’s on The Rock to take over the role of the King of Action Movies. Did you see him host SNL? Dude’s really multi-talented. And looks great in a tight white T-shirt. Now if only he didn’t have that disturbing resemblance to Rob Schneider…

To be honest, my estimation of him went up after I learned this. He went from ‘dumb guy making dumb movies’ to ‘maybe not-so-dumb guy in dumb movies.’

After all, would ‘xXx’ been more intelligent with say, John Travolta in the lead role?

Hah! Just noticed that!

I think the only Rock movie I’ve seen is The Mummy Returns, which was (and I’m being nice here) absolutely putrid. Still, based on having seen him on SNL and a few talk shows, I do sort of like him. He can be funny and he does have some personality. If he ever makes something that looks like a good movie I’d probably see it.

The Rock’s appearance in that movie was limited to a claymation monster based on his character from The Scorpion King.

The Mummy Returns was dumb (the kid was so annoying, I kept hoping “Adebesi” would get all Oz on his ass, and not in a good way) but was partly redeemed by the flashback gladiatrix fights between the scantily-clad female leads. Yowza.

My feeling is, if Steven Spielberg has you written into one of his most acclaimed movies based solely on your body of work, you gotta have SOMETHING going on.

Hate him??? No way I loved “Chronicles of Riddick” and I was jealous of his voice. I got no problem with the man.

I can’t stand him because he plays big buff roles, like in xXx, and he just comes off as a soft cock.
Now Eric Bana, you can feel the staunchness.

I’m not a big Vin Diesel fan. I thought he was okay in the few movies of his I’ve seen. Not an actor of great range, but a perfectly serviceable action star.

But to the OP… look, it goes without saying that there are people out there who hate ANY celebrity you’d care to name. I mean, I’ve never given Jeff Daniels a second thought in my life, but I have no doubt that If I started a thread titled, “Who Thinks Jeff Daniels Is the Antichrist?”, I’d gets dozens of posts saying “Jeff Daniels is a no-talent asshole,” and “Jeff Daniels makes me puke.” Every celebrity is despised by SOMEBODY, and Vin Diesel is no exception.

That said, is he more hated than any other actor or comparable stature? I don’t see it.

Incidentally, while I agree that “Vin Diesel” is a silly name, remember that he adopted the moniker back when he was working as a nightclub bouncer. In a job like that, you’re sort of EXPECTED to have a macho name!

'Specially when he’s Poita!

Caparzo was shot by a Nazi sniper. Maybe he was trying to tell Diesel something?