Why was the first nickelodeon established in Pittsburgh?

Those are great links Exapno. Do you know if that nickelodeon in Pittsburg was the first to show a zombie movie?


There were nickelodeons before there were movie theaters. In general, someone would take a regular storefront and put up a bunch of seats and then project the movies onto a screen. There was often a piano player (originally there to provide music between films; the movies were shown silent in the very beginning).

Theaters didn’t show movies back then; they did well enough with vaudeville and stage plays.

The theater in Pittsburgh was the first to combine the movies with a stage theater.

I don’t know, but judging by what you normally see of silent films, they would have been fast zombies.

Darn you, crotsenburg!

You’d have to ask George Romero.
Oh, and it’s Pittsburgh, thank you very much. We’re also not a backwater as the OP implied. (Yes, I know it’s an old thread, but I’d like to clarify that for those who are just tuning in)