Why would defusing a WWII "1.8 ton" bomb require a 1.5 km evac radius?

That’s a tall order. The world’s motives must be puree and it’ll take a lot of bread. Lest we end with just half a loaf.
Given the 16" length, 11lb weight, and doubtless impressive girth I suppose we could launch a new line in double entendres about sexual abuse of innocent vegetables. Jokes like that would be da bomb.

The UXO squad was counseled for feelings of inadequacy.
Zuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Self-defense against fruit.

Huge wildfire southwest of Berlin sets off WWII arms blasts
Firefighters struggled Friday to tame a wildfire southwest of Berlin but had to maneuver carefully as the blaze set off old World War II ammunition that is still buried in the forests around the German capital.

Flames forced the evacuation of several nearby villages and sent clouds of acrid smoke toward the German capital.

The fire, which was the size of 500 soccer fields, has already set off several detonations of old ammunition, according to local lawmaker Christian Stein. Firefighters were not allowed to enter suspicious areas.

“The ammunition is very dangerous, because one cannot step on the ground, and therefore one cannot get close to the fire” to extinguish it, Brandenburg state’s governor, Dietmar Woidke, told reporters…