Will I get better quicker if I let my fever run it's course?

Interesting, but I’m not real impressed. A very small study conducted episodically over 10 years. I would agree it’d be nice to see more studies of this type, though.

It doesn’t seem to be a study, but an opinion statement by the authors. They make good points, but don’t advance science. And they tend to agree with the general sentiment of “use antifever meds if symptom relief is needed” which I think is the smart way to go anyway.

Thanks for providing some objective data to the debate, kinoons.

I neglected to express my appreciation to the estimable Qadgop for his review of non-prescription analgesics/fever reducers. Thanks!

I just wanted to add something my doctor always tells me - I hope Qadgop doesn’t take me to task for it. Take anti-fever, anti-pain, etc medication to feel more comfortable so you can rest. Do NOT take them so you can get up and do things you wouldn’t do if you didn’t take them. Don’t slather yourself with OTC medications and then go into work - you’ll only prolong whatever illness you have.

You’re welcome.

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Maybe, maybe not.

But rest is good. I like rest.

Fever hallucinations are highly overrated, IMO. A really high fever like that is quite uncomfortable. Besides which, it’s hard to remember just where the toilet is and how to use it. Yes, I speak from experience. Now I take a fever reducer and try to rest when it hits.

ya know I hate articles that do not offer references, but here ya go…


even ends with links were to buy stuff…yeah thats great unbiased medicine…


Thanks consumer reports…dont tell us where you actaully got any of this information…
This article offeres references at the end…some I have found, others are super old, and his tone just seems to rub me wrong…dunno what to say about that.


again the ususal disclaimer about not being able to do a great job researching the references, just what I was able to find.

I would add, thatfebrile seizures are confined to children. They are caused by a rapid rise in temperature not the degree of fever.
High temps in adults (over 104?F) that don’t respond to antipyretics need to be addressed by a healthcare provider. Brain cells begin to die at about 105?F. I’m sure that, like most bodily functions, it will vary among individuals.

not to hijack too far, but im curious…we were taught in medic school its not the severity of the fever (how high) but the speed of the fever that causes seizures. (ie, better to get to 103 slowly than to 101 fast) this true?

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ah, thanks…reading the dope on a 2" screen at work isn’t near as nice as the 21" screen at home…its amazing what that 19" can buy you in understanding…