Will there ever be a Great President ever again?

Actually, I HOPE we don’t have any other great presidents. GOOD presidents are preferable.

We only get “great” presidents during terrible times (wars, depressions, etc.).

Decades into the future, after the doors that Obamacare opened has led to national health coverage for all, Obama will be considered a great president. And when you consider the literally millions upon millions of lives he (and a relative handful of Democrats) will have affected for the good, it will be an accurate assessment.

Eh, if it does lead to universal health care in a later administration, then that president would be considered great, not Obama. Obamacare would be regarded as a sort of test or trial balloon, rather than a step towards a national system; it’s neither a system on which a truly universal system can be built nor a program on the scope of Medicare or Medicaid. Besides, what truly great things have Obama done? There’s the aftermath of the financial crisis, but I’m failing to come up with anything else.

(In fairness, I think he’s done a lot of moderately-important things moderately well, but he hasn’t been a towering or revolutionary figure like either Roosevelt or Eisenhower or Reagan (nor, despite the vitriol he’s attracted, has he been an utter disaster like Nixon or the latter Bush). He’s been a modestly competent placeholder.)

Maybe the ACA will end up compared to the League of Nations.