Will this election also be decided by the perverse American fetish for GUNS?

How many days in did before realised you weren’t on reddit?

I’ll take “drunken statements that make no sense” for $500, Alex.

He is saying that the USA has a higher death rate, mostly caused by suicide, due to guns than other comparable Western democracies. A policy shift where new gun sales of guns that are not heavily limited are made illegal, and a mass seizure that would require the military and probably robotic infantry, might reduce the number of deaths.

Umm, except there would be a number of deaths during the seizure period. And people who commit suicide can choose other means, although it turns out that suicidal people are often depressed and lazy and if you block easy means, many of them will live on.

LOL, I guess this answers the OP’s question.

Guns are my God-Given* Right!

*As noted in the second line item of an agreed-upon list of modifications to a newly formed, never tried before, system of government which itself is only 4 pages long and is the secular creation of British traitors who, at that time, were rather anamathic to Christianity because it was popular and “cool” to be so… and really, this right only extends to the borders of the territories this one amalgamated system of government can control.

(Our God is not a very powerful God, it seems.)

You really are a fucking idiot who wouldn’t recognize common sense if it stuck its dick in your ear and fuck-started your brain.

At least you managed to type this clearly rehearsed line without angry-editing after the fact.

While bump stocks may “carry a cost to accuracy” that only matter if you’re trying to hit something specific rather that just working a target rich environment. QED.

At least he’s not a moron.

Like you are.


I’ll take “Doper who missed the point” for $1,000, Alex, and yes, I’ll make it a true Daily Double.

And BTW, anomalous1, America tried to work without a centralized federal government, run by the states, and it failed miserably. Google up “Articles of Confederation.” So right there, your premise has a hole bigger than the Titanic. Say hi to Jack on the way to the bottom.

Unfortunately, we’ve all had lots of practice with your ilk. You don’t pose much of a challenge, I’m afraid.

“Your ilk”?

That’s pretty bigoted.

We have to put a stop to all this bigotry against the moronic troll race!

You got us. We are indeed bigoted against morons.

So stop being a moron.

Hey, stop criticizing his alternative lifestyle!

…and/or religion and/or disability!

Was I intelligence shaming?

The morally/ethically handicapped have rights, too!

It would only be bigoted if there’s no good reason to dislike you people.

By which I mean trolls.

You people!!!???!!!

Oh. Nevermind then.