Will Trump pull an LBJ?

On a very practical level the right has been prioritizing the winning of local and state elections for a long time, while the left has been dreaming of the Progressive Revolution and the President who will Get Us There.

So, yes. State legislatures matter—a LOT. Governors matter. Even county government matters. And the left needs to stop looking for a Savior and start filing the paperwork to run for statehouse seats, etc.

(Am I, personally, running for my state legislature? No, my life circumstances don’t allow for that. But I am certainly willing to put forth the effort to remind people of how important it is, instead of losing myself in fantasies of the Patriarch who will Save Us–as alluded to earlier, there’s too much of that in the Bernie “movement”. It’s not necessarily the case that Biden will be the center of any such cult, but even so—we need to think locally.)

I’m never going to vote for a Republican for the rest of my life.

They may very well have to change the party name. As it stands, their numbers are dwindling, and serious-minded people don’t want to be associated with them.

There are some serious-minded crooks, cheats and liars out there. Plenty of racist morons too.

Agreed and I’ve said as much before. Indeed, be our own saviors. At the same time, leaders can’t be afraid to lead in a time when leadership is required.

I’m cautiously optimistic that Biden can be that guy.

I say that, and yet, there are Republicans like Larry Hogan (Maryland’s governor) who’ve been refreshingly good governors. I’m far more likely to at least entertain a Republican at the state or local level. It’s at the national level where they’ve seemingly flushed their brains down the toilet.

Yeah. I’m always willing to look at the person’s record; the only times I’ve voted for a Republican have been for local offices, when they were the best choice available (in my view, of course).

But it’s tough to defend any Republican in Congress, with the possible exception of Mitt Romney. Not in love with him, either–but he’s been closer to “patriot” than any of the rest of them.

Local government plays to the strengths of republican politicians. States and municipalities can’t print their own money. Funds are limited. Communities are competing with each other and need a salesman, which again often plays to someone with a business background. As long as they’re not a right wing douchebag, I’ll at least give a Republican a fair look at running a smaller government.

I agree. (Which is NOT to say that either of us is advocating for leaving local races to Republicans—as mentioned earlier, Dems need to get in there, particularly into state legislatures.)

In an ideal world, there would be balance. The sad part about the republicans hard lurch to the right is that the country’s politics lacks a competition of ideas between two or more parties. I vote for democrats not simply because I am progressive but to stop Republicans from their madness.

But non-charismatic presidents do not do well ie Taft, Carter. I believe Biden will successfully manage the Trump reconstruction, but to move on from there we need an intelligent, charismatic leader - a Huey Long!

Back to the OP - obviously Trump is not inclined to resign, for all the reasons presented above. However it is in the best interests of the GOP for him to do so. The solution is for the party to create a desirable path for him. A golden bridge over which to retreat. Make him a senior statesman and maybe set up MAGA TV or radio. He could do radio from his golden toilet.

But, then they need a substitute candidate - Tucker Carlson fills the bill. Carlson is educated, intelligent and, like Reagan, a professional performer. He’s already got name recognition. Carlson could actually win.

I’m taking this out of context, but I’ve only had one cuppa joe.

In The Italian Job (1969), Mr. Bridger was a serious-minded crook. But he was also a patriot.

It’ll soon be too late to get Carlson on the ballot in some states, and he doesn’t have time to convince the die hard Trumpists. The religious obsession Trump gets from his true devotees wouldn’t just transfer to Carlson. Many millions of his voters would see this as a massive betrayal.

There are a few Trump family members, who have Dear Leader ambitions of their own, who would encourage outrage at any attempt by Tucker Carlson to take the throne.

Tucker might find himself getting the treatment Anthony Fauci is now receiving:

The Trump family will go down kicking and screaming and smearing anyone they see as an “opponent.” Tucker Carlson may not be prepared for what he’d face if he challenges them–I’d be surprised if he doesn’t just wait until they’re all jailed, THEN make his move to become the new flag-bearer of the white-supremacist right.

Will you peeps please stop continuing the Tucker Carlson support? Ain’t gonna happen. GOP ain’t gonna be too happy with another star from teevee. Tucker will not be nommed.


Yes, please bookmark this post for 2025 when Fucker Carlson is sworn in. I know you’ll enjoy that. :sunglasses:

You’re the first person to point that out (at least in this thread). And it’s worth remembering. The Trump clan fully intends to become a political / kleptocratic dynasty on a scale never before seen.

We’ll be pounding stakes into the hearts of these vampires for decades. Even assuming the best outcome in 2020 it won’t be over in 2024 or even 2028.

Yeah. However Trump leaves office, the “kids” will find a way to spin it to the white-supremacist base as a martyrdom. Even if the older kids are indicted, tried, and convicted, they will hold fast to the narrative of a Deep State who opposed their wonderfulness and is persecuting them.

But one thing about 2024 and 2028: surviving Republicans will have very little taste for the lives they know they’d lead under Trump dictators (Don Jr., Ivanka, or whoever). They’ve lived the last four years in a state of continuous high-alert—even the fully complicit true-believers like Devin Nunes, and many of the GOP governors (Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, Greg Abbott, etc.). Not all of them will want to live more years in that state of constant anxiety about pleasing the High and Mighty.

So, yes, the kids will try to retain power. They may find that their path isn’t being smoothed in the way to which they’ve become accustomed, however.

Nah. The thing about the Trump kids is, they’re boring - whatever quality Trump has that fascinates voters, his spawn lack. They’re not like Bobby or Ted Kennedy, where if you squinted a bit, you could see JFK. You squint at the Trump kids, all you see is a blur.

All they have is a name. You know who else had a name? Jeb Bush.

To the degree Trump has installed enough loyalists deep enough, and created enough lasting corrupt contracts through his shells, the clan may well continue to enjoy the fruits of the “klepto-deep state” they’ve worked hard to install these last 4 years. A la Marcos, Fujimori, and another hundred names we all recognize. Recognize that these folks aren’t loyal politically, they’re loyal financially because they’re getting paid under the table to behave a certain way. Or are collecting a “commission” directly as part of the process of feeding money & influence towards the clan.

Plus the clan may still be able to collect pay-to-play fees for their access to those elected and appointed Rs that are still like-minded. Think Hunter Biden’s escapades on megadoses of steroids.

As much as the USA really doesn’t want to encourage a thoroughgoing purge of officialdom at each change of administration, we really need one this time to stop the rot.

Don’t forget that even if Trump is gone, the know-nothing rejectionist conspiracy theory mindset of the Trumpist voters will remain and some enterprising politicians will be trying real hard to collect those voters. I agree the Trump kids are mostly a shadowy blur, but they’re also in the shade of a pretty bright light right now. If Dad is talking them up that may also be powerful.