Will We Ever See A Straight Actor Playing A Gay Character Again

Great post, explains the issues very well!

Really? My recently-out daughter loved him in it.

I thought he did just fine in the role (although almost anybody looks like a bad actor next to Streep and I thought she killed in The Prom) .

Jonathan Pie on recent Russell T Davies Gay authentic actors comments

I dunno why but of all the examples listed here, none of them made a difference to me except this one. It disappoints me. And I’m a hetero woman! (Or maybe “and I’m a hetero woman…so who cares.”)

Suranne Jones was magnificent in the role though, and I say that as a gay woman. (See also, Jennifer Beals in The L Word. Just fabulous).

Yeah without a doubt! I had a little crush on her even!

We ALL did, honey!

While true, I’m not sure it remains so if you mean out gay men. I know there was enough stigma that actors would often stay in the closet. It’s a lot better now, but I’m not sure at what point that happened.

That said, I can’t say I’ve heard many gay men complain recently about how they aren’t getting roles. It seems that straight men often play gay men, and gay men often play straight men.

That’s usually the barometer on the other ones: that cis actors can play trans people once trans actors commonly play cis people. I know one trans person who has explicitly said that, once an openly trans person plays a cis main character in some high budget movie, then maybe it would be okay for cis women to play trans women, and cis men to play trans men.

(She was not too happy at all about the other direction, but that’s a different discussion unless the OP wants to extend this.)