Will you be joining the boycott of Amazon Prime day, 7/16/18?

Well not on purpose. I tried to get something there today but it was cheaper elsewhere. Amazon pays me so I don’t boycott them. They don’t pay me well, as I’m a freelance Mturker, but they pay all my bills so I won’t complain.

The site has gone in and out all day, due to excessive traffic AND cute little cartoons that are being shown on the home page, and presumably taking up a lot of bandwidth.

My personal Amazon business hasn’t seen any sales today, that much I do know, although my items aren’t eligible for Prime.

Look, I know you Americans accept basically any fresh hell your bosses will give you, but in Europe we tend to do things differently. There’s a certain expectation that companies care about their workers, that workers be unionized, that certain key benefits are given, et cetera. We don’t just put up with a situation where workers have to piss in bottles because they’re terrified that walking to the bathroom will lead to them losing their jobs. I think it’s generally better that way, but that’s just me.

Also, are you seriously just taking the Amazon spokesperson at their word on this? Amazon’s conditions are notoriously bad.

No. Not boycotting.

Yeah in Europe they relied on slave labor to take care of most of their labor shortage problems well into the 1950s, America only had until the 1870s.

I wasn’t aware of the boycott/strike, but even if I had been, the 20% off the mattress I’d been eyeing, combined with the fact that my back is telling me in no uncertain terms that this is an unacceptable sleeping condition (I traveled for a couple of weeks and was sleeping on better beds) might have made me break it if I’d been doing it.

I bought a bunch of stuff. Just call me scab.

The last few years I haven’t found a single “Prime Day Deal” that looked like something I particularly wanted to buy even at the discounted price. This year isn’t shaping up any differently.

I’ve never “joined” a boycott. Having said that, my wife and I are huge Amazon Prime customers who have never purchased anything on Amazon Prime day. We tend to buy stuff we need rather than stuff that’s on sale (both at Amazon and elsewhere).

So nobody’s going to like me on this one, I suppose.