Withholding a highschool diploma

I’m trying to figure out just what they expect you to do. You’ve got a 3.8 GPA. You’ve finished all the work. How on earth are you supposed to make up your absences?

This is bullshit and you need to call them on it. Get a lawyer.

I suspect that if you would’ve made the meeting you’d set up with them, they would’ve granted you the diploma. After all you have a good GPA, and I’m sure they’ll agree about the Cruise thing.

Set up another meeting with them, and make it a point to be there. Be prepared. Don’t blame other people like the secretary. Take some responsibility; tell them you were sick, and you have to make it 16 miles, and you baby-sit for your mother while she goes to school, and with all that, you still did a 3.8 GPA.

I really doubt they’ll hold you back over this.

Oh, and re-read what Drum God said re: your life. This is your life, and you need to take better care of it. You’ve put yourself in the situation you’re in, and as you admit, this isn’t the first time. Be more responsible in the future.

Set up another meeting, * take a parent*, and make plans to go to summer school or take the GED if necessary.

But first- are you sure you understand the policy correctly? The way you wrote the OP, it looks to me as if you understand the policy to be that you could miss any number of days as long as it was due to sickness. I doubt that that’s true. Certainly, in my experience students have been denied credit for legitimate absences of too many days, or arranged for homeschooling if it was a foreseeable problem. Secondly, it appears from your OP that you were the person calling in to say that you were too sick to attend school. If in fact you were making the calls, that may be why they are not counted as excused. I have never heard of a high school that excuses an absence because the student him/herself says that the absence is due to illness. Communication with a parent - a phone call on the day of the absence, a note upon return, or both - is required. Which is one reason why I suggest you take a parent to the meeting with the school board- perhaps they will excuse them even now if you have a parent present to verify that you really were ill.