Woman calls police. They brutalize and arrest her.

I think they should get together with the cop who pushed this cyclist and the one who pushed this disabled woman to start some sort of badass detective agency. That nun who helped the woman from the last video can be their arch enemy.

When I first saw this story several days ago, it indicated that the woman was a friend of the sheriff.

Ah. Here it is.

I followed the link, but I still very confused. What did she do to get tased? Did she do anything besides calling the cops for help?

I believe this happened and that the cops were some sadistic fucks, and yet I don’t think I have all the relevant information.

Far as I can tell, she didn’t want to give the name of the male friend who was there with her, and the cops thought it was maybe a domestic violence incident rather than a prowler, so the cops said they were arresting her. She got scared and one of the cops said she was in a “fight or flight” posture, and then the tasing started.

Yeah, why would anyone feel danger from someone waving a handgun and threatening to kill everyone?

Hey now, don’t be bringing up any reasonable points into our weekly “All copz is duh suxxorz!” festival…

What I gathered is that she heard the prowler, called 911 and then called her friend to come over. The police somehow thought it was a domestic violence incident, so they insisted on knowing the name of her friend, who was leaving as they arrived, because they believed him to be the aggressor.

Based on what, their spidey senses? They had no reason to do what they did but we always have the group that is on the cops side . It can never be the cops fault, she just needed a bunch of tasing.

What the hell are you blubbering about now? Dewey didn’t give any indication that he was on the side of the cops. Why did you think that a lengthly explanation of the situation indicated that he was?

Nobody has defended these cops in this thread.

I believe Hal came awfully close up there.

Because obviously police tasing a woman waving a gun around and threatening to kill everyone is exactly the same as tasing an unarmed woman lying on the ground, pinned up against their car and unable to escape.

Clearly someone who criticizes one of these groups is criticizing ALL police.

No he didn’t. Hal was talking about different police officers involved in a different situation. Nobody has defended the cops in the OP. They may be along to do so later in the thread, but gonzo’s post was nothing but a big pile of stupid.

May I punch your weekly festival attendance card, Sir? Ten punches gets a free corn dog. And be sure to enter our raffle!


Dunno - I think when Hal referred to this thread as the weekly “All copz is duh suxxorz!” festival" he implied that the cops in the OP didn’t deserve any criticism for their actions.

If that’s not what he intended then I retract my comments.

I have nothing to say about either Dewey or gonzomax as neither of their posts struck me as particularly obnoxious, and your reaction was so over the top I can only assume there is history that I’m not aware of.

Have someone read posts 26 and 27 to you. The idea that this is another “the cops suck” thread implies that the posters are just picking on the cops who were doing their duty. I guess the woman was a few shocks low on her quota. They zapped her several times. But it is not about that. It is about people who just jump on the cops in every story
Actually it is not. It is about this case, where many think the cops are too easy to zap. Apparently she was a real threat because she would not tell them the name of her friend. She called the cops about a prowler . She wound up getting mashed on her face and zapped several times. For some reason, I should thing that is OK.

Naaa…the details here are very much lacking, but even with our limited info it sure looks to me like those two were Grade-A fuckwits.

My comment was regarding the other case, in which the cops took reasonable action, along with the way these threads tend to bring out the “fuck all cops” contingent

No. Post 26 was referring to another incident that was brought up. Post 27 was just trying to fill in what the hell happened here…what actually went down. I’ve seen no one offer ANY excuse for the cops. And they seem to deserve none. But I am curious as what the hell they were thinking. At least they got caught.

Nothing of the sort was said, or even implied, in post 27. That was the post you responded to, after all. It wasn’t even related to post 26 in any way. Try again.

BS. Right to remain silent and all that.
OTOH, cops can book you for a short period of time (~10 hours, actual duration varies from state to state) for no specific reason, or while they scramble for grounds to arrest you for realz. Sometimes, they do it just to fuck with you or teach you to reSPEK their auTHORITAH.

Probably about how disappointing it was that her houseguest had left and they wouldn’t get to taze him, too.