Wonderfalls Was Really Wonderful

“We’re both reasonable women.”


“We’re both capable of reason.”

My wife met Tracie Thoms at the mall near our house a month or two ago.


She’s my super-secret girlfriend. (Tracie, not your wife. No offense to your wife, whom I assume is very lovely.)

Actually, I think it was a thread on the SDMB that led me to get ahold of the first four episodes; and then, when the DVDs came out, I bought them as soon as I could. Excellent series. (Except for “Totem Mole”. I thought that was the weakest episode of the run. Still entertaining, though.)

Ayup. I have some two-star horror movie on my Netflix queue solely because she stars in it.

You are hereby put on notice, that failure to report any B movie gratuitous nudity on the part of the lovely lady in question will get you stalked and then shamed in public.

Not that I, being pure of heart and above such vulgarian concerns, have any interest in such things, but…

Miss Dhavernas has not been shy in front of the camera. See in particular the film she did with Peter Greenaway and something called The Edge of Madness.

I mention the above purely in the interest of eradicating ignorance, stated goal of this fine institution :).

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Janet was such a great character, wasn’t she?

I have now shown my best friend the entire run, the making of featurette, the special effects featurette and the music video. She may want to watch the commentated episodes again with commentary, but alas we are both depressed that there will be no new Wonderfalls.

As far as the resolution of the Heidi/Eric/Jaye triangle:

I was completely satisfied with how it was resolved. Jaye and Eric’s ending up together tied very nicely into the “surrender to destiny” theme of the series. Heidi knew it was over and was driving to tell Eric so when she crashed into Jaye and the robber. Rather than try to hold onto Eric when she knew he would either stay and be miserable or leave anyway after being miserable until leaving, she tried to bow out with what one presumes would be some measure of dignity. She surrendered to destiny and in her own semi-bitchy way redeemed herself.

I think they softened her on purpose. At the beginning of the series she was unable to connect with anyone.

Over the course of the show the gift/curse put her in situations where she was forced to develop empathy. Her relationship with her parents, bar boy, and even her customers all changed to reflect that she had opened herself up. About the only person not to benefit from that character arc was mouth breather. Maybe that would have been a later episode.

Interesting (in the purely academic sense of the word, of course). I believe I may have to perform further research on this topic.

Anyway, Tim Minear is developing a new show called Drive, and the pilot’s been picked up by Fox. I’m not sure when it will air, and nobody knows much about the premise except that it involves some form of illegal cross-country auto racing (!?).

You have to admire the man’s gumption. After the way they mishandled Firefly and Wonderfalls, I’m surprised he bothers to pitch shows to Fox anymore.

I agree, but

[spoiler]they were also careful to suggest her increasingly fragile mental state, which ironically may have gone hand in hand with the weakening in the blase, snarky wall she had built up as a defence against the world. I beleive in the commentaries they mention that the start of season two was going to begin with her in a mental hospital, which I thought was a brilliant idea.

I think the mild softening of her character made sense and was a good thing overall, but I think the suggestion of looming insanity was even better :).[/spoiler]

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**The Edge of Madness ** just went to the top of my Netflix queue, ahead of Academy Award winner Walk the Line. I am so ashamed of myself. BTW, what is the film she made with Peter Greenaway? :confused:

Season three, re: that spoiler, I think.

Anyway, as to Minear’s new show, as wonderful as Firefly and Wonderfalls are, the thing he actually created himself instead of running, The Inside, was a B+ at best. I’ll catch Drive if it gets picked up, but I’m not going to slaver over it.


The Tulse Luper Suitcases ( part one, it would appear ). Not available in the U.S. apparently.

Cliffy - Ah, season three. Thanks for the catch. Nice to see they were planning broad arcs that far ahead, though I guess fat lot of good it does to us now.

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After watching the entire season of Wonderfalls (thanks Logo, my local Best Buy doesn’t stock the DVD), I’ve looked back and was amazed by the number of side characters that the show invented:

  • old-lady in the barrel
  • Russian bride
  • zookeeper Penelope (my favorite, the actress died shortly afterward)
  • big fat trailer park guy
  • crazy nanny
  • crazy Indian lawyer

I really liked the series, watched it in its initial showing on Fox. Why oh why didn’t Showtime do an “Arrested Development” and pick this one up?

Crazy nanny? Are you talking about Yvette the housekeeper? She wasn’t crazy, but she was a sweet character (who never appeared again because of budget constraints; they couldn’t afford to fly the actress out from Los Angeles).

The commentary talked about plans to bring back some of the side characters had the show survived. There were plans to bring back the kid who brought over the Russian bride in season three as one of the people Jaye would’ve helped while she was institutionalized.

A question I’d meant to ask before now…was I the only one who it took forever to notice that the first names of all the Tylers rhymed except for Jaye’s? Karen, Darrin, Sharon, Aaron and Jaye. I love subtle stuff like that and I can’t believe it took me so long to twig to it.

Google Image Search is your friend.

Indeed it is, and will be again once I’m home, but for now, I will just adjust my NetFlix queue.

I love bewbies.

sorry folks, all that “from a critical standpoint” stuff just lost all funney. So I went with brutal honesty.

Be aware that although there are quick flashes of nudity, The Edge of Madness is not a particularly good movie.

This is almost true for me. Fox, in particular, has come out with some good shows in the past couple years. Unfortunately, all their good shows get canceled.

This is one of the things that made me quit reading TWP. They had a reviewer who publicly despised the show write up the episodes. TWP also thought that they had (as a website) personaly caused the shows cancelation, and they were excited about this. (They get soooo excited about anything on any show that they can claim is a “shout-out”. Thus, in their pitiful unimportant lives they got very very excited when they thought they had caused a show to go belly up. Even if that made the fans unhappy). Yes, one of the shows designers did say something like "well, at least I won’t have to read those terrible TWP recaps anymore", but the show was doomed before it got on the air, TW*P had nothing to do with it.

  • Not only was it too wierd, quirky, and with dark humor- it was a bit too *superficially * similar to “Joan of Arcadia”. :frowning:

I wouldn’t say it was one of my all time personal faves, but I did borrow the DVD, watched them all; and enjoyed quite a few moments. I like the theme song, too.

Some of the best recaps are written by people who despise the shows. The guy they have recapping Charmed hates it and he cracks my shit up.

Pretty rotten of them to celebrate killing the show, though, whether it was a factor (unlikely) or not.