Woolworths Goes bust

Many shops (such as Wilkinsons and supermarkets) now sell the sort of products that we traditionally used to buy from Woolworths. Not only that, but they are usually cheaper and offer a larger range of products.

The Australian Woolworths quite simply nicked the name of the US/UK outfit way back in the 1920s.

And Big W is exactly the same as K-Mart and Target; I’m really not sure why Woolies even bothers with it. Then again, that’s true of most of their non-Supermarket or Liquor businesses, to be honest…

Pepper and I had no idea there were still Woolworth’s anywhere. II had no idea they were in the UK. As stated, they’ve been gone from the US for years. It was a sad day when they closed the Boston store at Downtown Crossing – they said that was the biggest Woolworth’s in the world. It became several other stores over the cyears. I think it’s a gym now.

Dont’ worry, the German Woolworths seems to be going fine.

The Woolworths in my town centre was always packed. So much so that I avoided ever going in there… The last thing I bought was a Red Dwarf DVD about 5 years ago.

We already have a Tesco in the town centre and a Wilkinsons, which also sells Pick ‘n’ Mix. I’m not sure who will take over if it closes. It’s a huge, multi-storey, store but the parking is non-existent in that part of town.

Our MFI had a closing down sale today, 70% off. I went in there after work and the place was practically gutted. Anything left had a ‘sold’ sign on it. Another huge shop empty but at least the parking there is excellent as it’s in a retail park and not the centre, so someone should snap it up.