Word of Caution To LA Actresses & Diet Gurus: Male Broadway Critics Are Torturous!

One-Woman Broadway Show to Close After 8 Day Run. From M&C Arts:

What makes this flop story more interesting is a story by Mike Riedel in the aforementioned NYP(Reg Req)

Wow! Can you say drama mama! I hope those mean men didn’t hold a gun to your head and make her get in a naked pyramid with Elton John & Harvey Fierstein.

I wonder how the ticket holder(s) to the 1st 8 performances felt

Grow up Sister. Compared to people 5 miles from the theater you bombed in, your Dad’s boozin and malignancy are a walk in the park and barely reach the level of flawed ugliness

At least it didn’t break your nose

Today’s topic: Affirmative action for theater reviewers - Yay or Nay?

Sorry, Crissy. In case you haven’t heard, Fran Drescher’s ‘Nanny’ character is fictional.

In case anyone asks, the answer is either no, or bwaaaaah-haaaaa-haaaa. I really have nothing against the woman, her diet plan or her previous work - my only beef with Ms. Somers is that she forgot what she was taught in Drama 101, “to earn the approbation of honest critics take criticism.” I doubt we’ll be seeing her triumphant return anytime soon. Sour grapes, indeed.

[ . . . Imagining Frank Rich holding up the chopped-off head of Suzanne Somers . . . ]

You think she’s complaining now? What if John Simon hadn’t just retired? :eek: