Words I've only ever used in crossword puzzles

The only clue I’ve ever seen for “aper” is something like “One who imitates,” as in someone who acts like an ape.

Pretty lame, I know.

ETA: By either definition, though, I’ve never used “aper” in conversation.

Search in Cafe Society – there was a thread about it a year or so ago where we discussed it.

Short answer – I found it interesting. I’ve known all those people for years, so I am always curious about the reactions of the people who don’t know the biz – for me, it’s like a full-length, well-edited home movie. (FTR: Though I’ve been to the tournament ten times or so [as a judge], I wasn’t there the year they filmed.)



Nene (as in the Hawaiian goose, “Nay-nay”, not “Neen”)