Worlds first trillionaire

Since $1000 were being taken out of circulation in 1969, they are rare, and worth more than their face value by a large amount, according to Wiki.

Every drug dealer I have ever met has been a teller of tall tales. I think it’s a job hazard.

So it was. :smack:

pwned by zombie thread.

You could buy a lot of brains with a trillion dollars…

I think Samclem is our resident numismatist and can probably help with currency on that $500 note. But I will pay at least $510 for it. Check ebay for much better deals. On edit: I’ve lowballed you, but I think these ebay prices are too high.

Wow. I agree that that’s too high an asking price. I’ll offer $490 for all those notes. :slight_smile:

I don’t need a quote. My portrait of William McKinley was lost to some dainty fingers in an earlier millenium(*). :mad:

I got it in an Atlantic City casino; some guy in a yarmulke was presenting them at a Blackjack table whenever he ran out of chips. I changed one, saving time since the pit boss had to inspect every one.

(* - I’m probably lucky I held on to it as long as I did. Sometimes I tried to pay for drinks with it, in a foolish and vain attempt to intrigue attractive barmaids.)