Worse Case Scenerio: Average Joe/Jane find themselves in Prison, would you go insane?

Based on my health confinement from the last 3 weeks - yes, I would go insane. I am going nuts right now…

But at least I know it will eventually end.

I’ve heard people say prison is no punishment because prisoners have all their meals, housing and medical care covered and have access to libraries, TV and exercise, but I think it would drive me nuts.

Like most people, I like to leave my house on occasion. I like being able to go to movies, choose exactly the kind of food I want to eat, drink alcohol that I didn’t ferment myself, wear clothes that I choose, go on vacations, swim, have pets…the list goes on and on.

That said, the worst thing about prison would be watching my family and friends’ lives go on without me. I know the people who really cared about me would visit and call and all that, but that wouldn’t replace actually being there to share in either joy or trouble.

That was Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Hopefully, you didn’t get all your information about him from the movie. While he was almost certainly innocent of the murders he was convicted of, he was no hero.

No hero, but God, did he inspire a great song. :smiley:

Being completely innocent, I wouldn’t be going to prison. I’d find a way to break out, and try and clear my name in the process. Otherwise, yes, i’d go bats.

Paging Casdave for the British side. I think that I would be seriously distressed by being imprisonned.