Would a blessed animal have an effect on a vampire?

Then again, a blessed golf club did the trick quite nicely in the movie Dogma.

You have it wrong; you use a steak to make a vampire holy!:cool:

mmmmm steeeeaaaaaakkkk

No, not in Christianity at least. Blessing a person doesn’t make that person holy, either.

Is it worthwhile asking for this one to be moved to IMHO or even Cafe Society (given the movie/book tie-ins)? This thread’s far too entertaining to languish in GQ! :smiley:

Bites When Provoked: since you share an interest in the topic, do you think you could get yourself blessed, then find a vampire? We are desperately in need of some hard data.

Oooo ooo…bless some metal, like silver or iron (weapons can be blessed, right? Why not just ingots of metal) and then fit a dog with metal chompers like Jaws in the Bond movies!

Seems vampires are christians and probably catholics…do other religions do the holy water?

I remember a Christopher Lee movie with a chase thru a church so I guess they’re ok to go to mass… probably cant genuflex at the alter, however.

No looking in mirrors, either…no hair salons…gyms…backing out of the driveway…sucks to be a vampire.

Object? Pah! When your faith in the placebo effect is strong enough, you need no object.

Or, if you want to be on the safe side, you can take a page out of the Imperium’s book: blessed napalm.

Why did nobody ask me to do this in my teen years? I reckon I could’ve taken one on; from photos of the era it’s clear I was 90% composed of silver(y metal). Heck, I could have taken out werewolves, too.

(Of course, more likely I’d have ended up bitten and become an unholy bitch … hey, wait… :D)

Hindus have a belief in a similar concept of purifying/holy water.

So uh, I guess if you meet a vegetarian Hindu Vampire, You could always use the waters from the Ganges to drive him away…

Yeah, but that was a demon, not a vampire.
There have been plenty of accounts of vampires killing and feeding on priests. It stands to reason that at least some of these priests were attacked shortly after receiving absolution, putting their souls back on the side of clean. Doesn’t being told to “go in the name of the Father” count as a blessing?

I’m thinking that if a blessed priest with a clean soul can be killed by a vampire, a puppy ain’t gonna be too much of an issue. Even if it’s name is Mr. Snoogybottom.

I seem to recall a relatively recent movie where the heroes, before staging an assault on the vampire’s stronghold, went to Confession and unburdened themselves of all their sins (it took hours, as neither of them had been to Confession in years, if ever). Thus, while they were in a state of grace, the vampires couldn’t see them. During the assault, one of the heroes tripped and swore, thus committing a minor sin. All of a sudden, the vamps could see him and all hell broke loose. Literally.

Kind of a neat take on it all.