Would it make sense for the Republicans to change their racing horse?

“What if he forgets to run?”
“I would call the President and remind him to run.”

  • name that SNL guest host.

Little Nemo:

Would he really? I thought the African-American voting bloc sees him as an “Uncle Tom”.

VERY HIGHLY doubtful. McCain’s positions are Republican to the core. Just for one example, he’s solidly anti-abortion. How many core Democrats are likely to vote for him over Kerry? Especially considering how scared they were of potential Supreme Court appointments four years ago, when all the current members were four years younger.

Nope, not Powell either. Remember why this would be happening - the critical mass of lies about the Iraq invasion. The new candidate would have to be someone with clean hands. Powell left his credibility on the UN floor, remember? The people in the pool of possible choices are all going to sink or swim together.
Sam, word to the wise: You really do need to consider the possibility that challenges to your use of facts and reasoning are *not * necessarily personal in nature and should not necessarily be responded to as such. If you lack a sound factual or rational basis for a post, that’s nobody else’s fault. OK, pal?

Let’s see… I offer an OPINION that it’s a possibility that McCain could wind up on the VP ticket, due to the fact that he’s been increasingly present in the Bush campaign. The same kind of guesswork that every other participant in this thread is engaging in. Your response is, “So you have again just paraphrased a few bloggers’ blather and presented it as your own original thought? You’d learn more from studying historical precedent.”

And I’m not supposed to take that personally? Are you high?