Would you be willing to use a toilet on the hidden side of of one-way mirror?

Not a problem. In fact, I’d be in favour of a flashing light or something mounted on top that operates when it’s in use. Just to see how many people go out of their way to avoid it when its occupied.

Wouldn’t bother me.

Though I’d be tempted to stand outside and look in with a disgusted look on my face, just to mess with people.

I would probably clam up. What’s maybe worse are toilets like the Sanisette. They give you 15 minutes, upon which the door opens (I think there are warnings). When traveling, you have air pressure changes and a new environments, so that plus if you have IBS means 15 minutes may not be enough. I don’t know if it was the same brand, but I saw one that dispenses 3 tiny pieces of TP per person. There’s frugal and there’s cheap.

Uh, yeah, 3 little pieces can be barely enough for, ahem, “damage assessment”, especially for a woman during her period.

15 minutes might also be an issue for me. One annoying symptom I tend to have near the start of a period is serious intestinal cramping.

So, there was no way at all to wash hands? Nothing?

Ewwwwwwww! :eek:

I guess I’d use it if there were no other facilities available.

Then I’d probably get naked, strut around, and schwing my schwang at a few people.

Though I’d keep my socks on. Christ only knows what the sexual deviants would get up to in there.

I actually have; for a while they set one of these up in Rotterdam. http://popupcity.net/2009/05/the-greatest-public-toilet-ever/

Why? It’s not even a hypothetical. Many posters have named many real-world examples in this thread, including the OP.

Since I know that one-way glass isn’t always entirely one-way, and I’m pee-shy, anyway…ah, I think I’d hesitate unless I really, really needed to go.

Ditto. And I’d only go pee in it.

I would think you’d have issues with people having sex inside of them for the thrill of doing it in ‘public.’

They have those in San Francisco. Last time I was in one I’d never seen so many used needles in one place before. :eek:

Last time I flew to Amsterdam, I read an article on shy bladder syndrome. When I got there, I saw those urinals all over the city and quickly learned I do not suffer from this ailment.

I’d be worried the glass was electrochromatic and they would make it transparent at random intervals. :wink:

And the intention of those is to keep junkies/transients out! Yet you still can’t use a BART toilet in the City AFAIK, because of a terrorist act 11 years ago in New York.

Probably easier to tolerate than this bathroom.

Oh God, I would pay SO MUCH MONEY for that bathroom in my house. Awesome.

BART’s solved that problem – the homeless are now defecating in their escalators instead. Haven’t had the urge to try it myself, though.

Depends what is at the bottom possibly looking up …

Ditto on both counts.

I don’t think this counts as a hypothetical.