Would you fight for Science?

I wouldn’t allow blood letting. Faith healing only.

And anyway, science would kick religion’s ass.

Has there been a society which went from being secular to being a theocracy? That is the only way I could see anyone standing up for science. If a wave of theocratic ideology suddenly swept the U.S. government, where congress does away with the current constitution and replaces it with theocratic one, yes, I can see my self joining up with the scientific freedom fighters.

But the scientific method kicks so much ass logically that violence is usually unnecessary.

Wait… isn’t that what the war on terror really is? A war on radical ideology?

I think the premise here is fundamentally flawed. People didn’t usually go out destroying other groups because of religion, they went because religion was a convenient excuse to get them something they wanted; i.e. money, land, power, etc. So would I fight for science if it got me something great? Sure. But who would really attack science? Do you mean science in the sense that we go back to the stone ages? Or science like we would have no more forward progress?

For those that say yes, but fail to see a way it could happen similar to religious wars (like the Crusades,) let me propose a scenario:

A bunch of the smart, hooray for science people (like us) at some point in the near future decide we’ve had enough with our fundie-run government. Let’s say by this time we’ve had a slew of very religious presidents and congressmen. They all used God and (probably) Christianity to outlaw abortion, gay rights, severly restrict certain areas of science (like stem cell research and anything remotely controversial.) Evolution is on the brink of being no longer being taught in schools.

So, us sciency-types decide to go form our own country. Well…hard to do that, but what we can do is pool our money together and buy one of those private isalnds in the south Atlantic. Sweet! So we go there, and are technically living in whatever country sold us the island (maybe a US terrotory still, but so far away, the government couldn’t care less about us)

We also used our money to get a lot of construction done, building houses and the like, and begin our lives of science (OK, highly unlikely that a group of people like this could just start up a modern society, but a lot of our people are rich billionaires, like Bill Gates and so forth who buy lots of stuff for our island.)

A very good government is set up, a true democracy. Everything bill/law/etc… is voted on by everyone, if they want to. There is a cheif consulate, who is like a president, but not nearly as much power, just is the organizer and what not. Being so smart and full of science, the society flourishes and more peopel join, and we buy more islands. Eventually, we are too big for what we are, and secede from the country we were a part of. If is was the US, perhaps now is the time for the science vs religious war. They come to attack us to bring us back, but we resist, saying we can’t live in that religious world anymore. But, let’s say we were part of some small country who doesn’t have a lot of money/power, and we give them a nice gift of some kind to let us be our own country. They agree, and the great nation of Cecil-land is born.

Now, at this time, let’s say Cuba has since turned to democracy. It’s at least a hundred years from now, maybe more, and Castro is long dead and they decided to give capitalism a try, but it’s not working out so good. Seeing how well off we are, they ask us to lead them. Not to be a part of our country, they just want us to send some delagates to tell them how to do things properly so they can be prosperous. Well, the US (now called God’s United States) decides that Cuba should be a prt of them, and wants to send delegates. Cuba refuses, but the US really wants Cuba, and threatens military action. So, the Cubans ask us Cecilians for help in defending their country, so that they can live for science, not for religion. So now we have to defend this country against an outside attack from religion in the name of science.

I would also like to point out that science is complicated, while religion is not. You will have better luck with a religious army than would with a army of scientist.

Everyone who accepts Cecil as their lord and savior is more likely to spend his time consuming knowledge rather than learning how to become a killing machine. Religion frees up your time to do other things since you don’t have to question anything you don’t want to. You can pick a goal (say killing those godless dopers in Cecil-land) and see that it is cared out in the name of god. It becomes your soul purpose for living.

Religious folks have more range in what their purpose in life should be, whereas people of science just want to learn.

I would fight as well. In fact, I would help set up lasers to flash into the eyes of the hoards coming over the hill. And if I had a female helper, all the victims could be heard to scream:

“She blinded me! With science!”

I was quite proud of the above post for its “groan factor”. I am profoundly disappointed that nobody reacted.

Sorry, just got back from work.


Better? :smiley:

Lakai, who’s to say that some of us aren’t already killing machines? (and now you’re thinking “Killing machines? What did the machines ever do to you?”) Hell, we could just use science to build us some killing machines, which if I remember my science fiction is always a good idea and never leads to anything remotely negative.

I would but she already blinded me with it.