Would you host a time traveller from the past?

I just picked the one from the furthest time back. I’m curious about how ways of thinking have changed and are similar in all that time.

But I’d better host them in the winter. I haven’t time for all that sightseeing business in farm season.

I picked the Assyrian from 2000 BC as well, just because we know the least about that time period.

But on the other hand, a good point has been raised - we are very unlikely to learn much of anything if the traveler is an illiterate peasant who has never been more than a couple miles from his farm, and the further back you go the more likely it is that this is what you will get.

To anybody before 1940 America:
“No, seriously, you need to shower every day. And use this new thing we have called deodorant.”

Thinking further, I think I’d give up my quiet solitude and offer to host a time traveler from the future if that ever became an option…


Good one, but he might not know- they seemed pretty specialized. However, I have questions about that Roman dice gambling game.

True, they might not know, but we should definitely ask

I could learn a whole lot about farming in Assyria in 2000 BC.

Also about what the person thought were normal interpersonal relationships, how they thought the universe/world was constructed, what their attitude was toward religions, what their attitude was toward members of different species they were familiar with, what species they were familiar with, and I’m sure a whole shitload of things that aren’t coming to the top of my head at the moment.

Considering that just about everybody before 1940’s America, and a number of people since, would disagree with you: I think that some word other than “need” is called for there.

Unless, of course, you just mean “if you’re going to stay in my house.” After which you can discuss whether or not they need to take off their shoes at the door.

These folks have been engaging with Time Travel Tourism Institute personnel for weeks or months before we get a hold of them. I think it’s fair to assume we know all there is to know about these time periods as a result of those interactions so I don’t think it’s necessary to choose based on what novel historical data I might be able to extract.

I think the cool thing here is the opportunity to show off the modern world and experience lots of “commonplace” things through a truly fresh lens.

I am a time traveller from 1940 America. Or 1937 to be exact.

I will answer this poll two Wednesdays ago.

If time travel is that slow, I want nothing to do with it.

Good luck getting off the Wheel.

Are they tested/treated for communicable diseases and parasites? If be afraid of catching something i have no immunity to. And i hope they’ve been vaccinated against our stuff.

But if so, sure. It was hard to decide, but i went with ancient Egypt over ancient Assyria because i guess I’m more curious about it. I wonder what they’d think of our skyscrapers? Maybe i can take a road trip to visit @thorny_locust and show them our agriculture. I bet they’d LOVE our hot running water and clean toilets.

It’s my understanding that Egyptians were quite fastidious. Didn’t they pluck their body hair? And Romans enjoyed baths, did they not? They’d be the guy who hangs out naked in the gym locker room, inviting everyone to come join him in the sauna.

You are ancient sir. I bow to you in respect.

They had the idea of putting hardened scented blocks of oil on their heads and letting it melt in the heat and smell nice. I am not sure if that is “clean” but they likely didnt smell like barbarians, anyway.

An educated Roman would be fairly clean.

Yes, this. We always say how much fun it is to take a first-timer to Disneyland. It’s actually fun for us, as well.

I picked the Egyptian because I’d like to know if we’ve made any big mistakes interpretting his culture/religion/etc.

Off topic a bit, but this thread seemed very compatible with two films that I streamed last week through Amazon Prime video. The first was titled The Man From Earth, which dealt with the main character being a person who had lived for 14,000 years, telling friends about his experiences before moving away. The second was a continuation, Man From Earth (Holocene) which continued the saga. Mostly dialogue, but I really enjoyed it.

… anyway … do you know anything about those dodecahedras?

if not, don’t call again.