Would you let a potential buyer spend the night in your home?

Depends. Is the house haunted?

Not only no, but hell no. Come visit in the evening, morning or afternoon. But after an hour, get the fuck out.

HGTV had a show with this premise, called Sleep On It. Full episodes available:


Are they going to sleep in my bed? Yuck.

Nope, not gonna happen.

Is the buyer Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman? I’m sure we could come to some arrangement in that case.

Um, there’s just the one bed, of course.

Having been lied to without compunction while place shopping, I would consider it if I felt the buyers were legit.

Not unless I knew them very well, and trusted them of course.

Anytime after closing takes place, sure.

Friend told a story about a condo that he bought in an urban area. He and his wife asked if they could come over on a weekend evening to see what it was like at that hour. The seller hesitated, and asked for more specifics. Friend said they would come over, drink wine, and leave by 11 pm. The seller immediately agreed.

Things seemed OK, so they bought the place. They quickly found out about the loud after-hours club that got going around 1 or 2 in the morning.