Would you like to play a game? (New Feud)

Thanks Rebo. These are fun. I’m not too embarrassed by my score.

#2! WOOT!

Thanks for the new poll, Rebo. These are fun.


Top 10, and I’m not particularly embarrassed by any better answers than mine except probably ‘Like Mike’ for a movie with a ball. I had singletons, but they are defensible.

I’m surprised I tied for third place when I missed several of the top answers.

Thank you, Rebo.

I’d forgotten all about this. Top half. Not bad!

Me too! :stuck_out_tongue:

This was fun! Thank you @Rebo !!!

Hey, #5! Not bad, but not my best (#2).

Thanks so much, Rebo! These are so much fun.

That Castaway won for movies featuring a ball is just simply brilliant. Love it.

Thanks Rebo!

I’m surprised I got #6 with my multiple singletons as well. Though I’m also very disappointed in all of you who didn’t immediately think “Jaws” when asked to name a movie with a boat in it.

Me too. Maybe they needed an even bigger boat.

Missing that one annoyed me. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the obvious answer for that category that I had overlooked.

I noticed something interesting for all us pedants about Cast Away.

For the movie Cast Away, the title is split into two words, meaning “thrown out” or “abandoned” rather than castaway as one word, meaning lost at sea. It’s a subtle difference, but Chuck certainly feels like the former, as well as the latter. Especially at the end when Kelly has finally given up and remarried, and Chuck is indeed “cast away.”

There actually was a movie titled Castaway. It starred Amanda Donohoe and Oliver Reed and was released in 1986. It was based on a true story about Lucy Irvine, a woman who chose to live on an uninhabited island (with one other person) for a year.

Woohoo - last place! Uniqueness is not a bad thing - Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that.

I forgot that this about popular answers, not the first thing that pops into my head :slight_smile:

I well-remembered that it was about the most popular answer and cogitated deeply about each one. Still fourth from last.

Cast Away, Easy Rider and Jaws never entered my mind.

So, yeah, uniqueness. What you said.

It might be fun to try and get a perfect 10 (or maybe better to get a perfect 10 without trying). Now, you could of course just use nonsense or obscure answers, but coming up with answers that could match someone else but that no one else actually picks would be a challenge.

I generally go with my first thought (which is where Like Mike came from - my kids loved that movie back in the day), so if my mind were wandering down various trivia canyons I could see me getting there.