Would you return fruit to the store?

i returned some blackberries once because there was a tiny worm in the package. i worked at the store at the time, and was in fact working when i bought them, otherwise i probably wouldn’t have bothered.

Stores are not required to accept any returns on most items. Most do so for the customer service. Unless that particular store has a policy about the return of any opened or unsealed food items (safety issues), I imagine they would accept it. Of course, as I mentioned about safety issues, they’d just throw it away.

I’ve gotten a bad batch of grapes. Can’t say what was wrong, they didn’t LOOK old, but they definitely had a bad taste. Other than making a statement to the store, it wasn’t really worth my effort to take them back. It wasn’t enough money to concern me, and as someone else said, my time and gasoline would render that worthless anyway.

Now, something that was a definite health hazard, such as finding maggots inside them, yeah, for certain. Otherwise, it was just a waste of a little cash for me.

(Okay, I KNOW, maggots are for meat, but I don’t know the visible health hazard issues for fruit after you’ve gotten inside them, but I’m sure they exist.)

I’m not sure about grapes, but I’ve seen maggots devour potatoes with no meat source anywhere nearby,

It’s nice to see that hardly anyone else is inclined to return inedible produce, as that ensures that the stores will continue to make it simple and painless for the handful of consumers who are willing to spend a few minutes to take it back to the store for a replacement.

I wanted to vote no, but I had to vote other because of circumstances. I once bought some fruit, strawberries, I think, that looked perfectly fine at the store. But the next day, they were completely riddled with some sort of larvae that had hatched overnight.

I was at the same store the next day, so I stopped by the service counter and told them what had happened. I didn’t want a refund as much as I wanted to tell them that they might have a problem. Nonetheless, they offered a refund, and I took it.

I wouldn’t, mostly because it wouldn’t be remotely cost effective: the nearest grocery store to my house is nine miles away and there’s no way in hell I’d drive eighteen miles to return fruit, and even if I’m shopping after work which is somewhat closer to stores that still means 6-10 miles of driving. With the current cost of gas vs the cost of fruit I eat…