Would You Take $3 Million Now, or wait 6 months and get $20 million?

Does the OP assume this is happening in the USA? Where are people actually starving to death in this country? I mean sane people of at least average intelligence?

Does the OP assume this is happening in the USA? If so, the choice is incredibly easy. Even if you weren’t allowed to tell anyone about the deal, surviving on the street for 6 months in exchange for 20 million is a small price.

Even if starvation were a real threat, getting tossed in jail for 6 months on a misdemeanor charge could be an option. There are levels of survival I’d eager accept for a lousy 6 months for 20 million smackeroos.

Personally I think the OP is too easy. An additional 17 million for 6 months of even a miserable existence is a no brainer to me.

10 million from JG Wentworth…NOW. :smiley:

Man, even the rent for homesless people in New York is crazy :slight_smile:

If the $20 mil guarantee is rock solid and verifiable, you could borrow against it now.

But that’s assuming that a dollar is a dollar is a dollar. It’s not. That 300,000,001st dollar doesn’t increase your purchasing power as much as the first $1,000,000 does. So you can’t really calculate the discount rate the same way.

3 mil in the bank well invested could easily put you in the income range with most doctors and lawyers. Heck I would be going hog wild at lending club…7% for the safest loans x 3 mil? pushing $200K+ a year takehome.

It would depend on my personal situation. If I could live quite happily in the six months, I’d definitely wait.

But if I couldn’t, and needed some money, then 3 million is plenty for me, and really, 20 mil is way more than I could possibly need. So I might very well take the 3 mil if that suited me better in the immediate.

If you had 3 million you wouldn’t need to make student loan payments, credit card payments, mortgage payments or car payments since you would buy those things outright and not have to pay interest. So your cost of living would be much lower due to no debt.

And it depends on where you live if you are buying a home. If you buy a home in NYC or SF, it is going to cost a fortune. However renting a place should be reasonable.

And like others have said, $3 million invested at 6% will give you 180k a year.

For me, it’s more like Guanoad: and others have said – 3 million is enough, so I’d probably take it. It’s not a competition for me – “What! You’d just throw away sevuhnteen mhillion dullares! For a measly half year wait! Arkcon, you clearly don’t know how to value money …” yeah, maybe, but like everyone else, how sure are we ever about the second half of the argument, even if there’s some sort of contratual bond, legal or moral or magical.

Huh? Where are you guys gonna get 6-7% return safely?

I could wait.

Seems like some would take the now cash, and a few more would take the $ later.

Wonder how racial demographics, country one lived in, age group, IQ, gender, would affect the decision.

To some it is a slam dunk. Others see it as a response to ponder before responding.

I do not know which would be the ‘best’ decision. Though I know what I would do.

I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t wait 6 months to get $17 million more. Even if you didn’t “need” it yourself, you could donate it to a worthy cause, start your own scholarship program, even, perhaps, fund public television.

Hell yes I’d wait 6 months. I’d keep working the whole time until, and I’d need plastic surgery to peel the constant smile off of my face whilst waiting for the $20 million.

I’ve been unemployed for several months and there are some financial ramifications hitting the fan now. I’m tired of mentally counting out every penny I need to spend. I’ll take the money now. I’m not a kid anymore and I could make $3 million (less tax, of course) last me for the rest of my life. I haven’t had a real vacation for at least 10 years; I’d like one now.

Either way I’ll still collect unemployment until all the extensions run out because it’s not earned income, after all. :smiley:

The 20, no brainer and not fighting the hypothetical.

I’d go to the doctor for a full suite of tests. If I was good the 20. If there was any hint of something that may kill me in 6 months, take the 3 and live it up.

This is pretty much word-for-word my thoughts on the subject. Six months ain’t no thing, and while 3 mil would be wonderful, I think 20 mil would truly be life-changing (as in, live off the interest and never have to work again life-changing). The interest on 20 mil at 5% is a million dollars per year - yeah, we can live quite comfortably on that.

I’d wait. I can be pretty damn patient when I want to be. I guess I can see taking the 3 mil now if just because of the uncertainty factor: you could very well die in six months. Then again, you could take the 3 mil and die the next day.

I can live on 3 mil, but 20 mil would be much nicer.

I’d be very tempted to wait for the 20.

Honestly, 3 mil tax free could make me very happy for life. But with 20 I could do some cool stuff. There is some eco sensitive land I’d love to buy to protect. Help outa bunch of other folks. 3 mils more than enough for me, but 20 and I can do so much more.

About the only thing that would make me take the 3 NOW is how sure I was sure or unsure I felt I’d get the 20 if I waited.

I’ll take the 20 million now. What do you mean that isn’t an option? It’s just as real as the fictional premise. But given a real situation, I’d go with the 6 months and 20 million.