Would You Vote For A Spaceport Tax?

Here’s a story from the Albuquerque Journal (annoying ad veiwing for a day pass required to read).

Wow. It launches from a plane and then lands like a plane? Sounds like the under-utilized Las Cruces airport would work for that. Or just about any airport.

And all this for 4 minutes of weightlessness (and a fair chance of ending up like the Challenger crew)? Yeah, I can see the hoardes of rich people lining up for this one.

To date, there has been one launch of a small unmanned rocket from the concrete pad at the site. It crashed. They will try again later this month. Again, a story in theAlbuquerque Journal.

Wow again. Taxing people to send dead people into space.

Tomorrow, I’m voting ‘No’.

Thats possible, but it could be equally possible that they are selective, the price is too high, or the idea of Russian rocketry doesn’t inspire confidence.

With a commercial venue, they are liable for lawsuits (how are you going to sue the Russian government?), are regulated by FAA rules and regulations, and to make the best possible profit, they will trim down the overhead, keeping prices just high enough to make a profit, but attract the most amount of people that can afford it. So they may charge 2 million dollars instead of 12 million.

Commercial projects tend to be cheaper for a reason, especially when many governments don’t care much about getting the best deal and throw money around willy nilly.

That one no.

I would vote for a space port tax of 25% the value of the spaceship on all landing spaceships. Like a property tax. I’ll never own a rocket, so tax the shit out of those spacemen.

Just an update:

The tax increase narrowly passed. That’ll fund most of what was left (the other two counties, Otero and Sierra, have about half as many people combined as Dona Ana) to be funded.