Wouldn't you have to do that?

I don’t think there have to be any ramifications of having a superior intellect. Look at this board for example: Most of the users on this board are ten times the “man” I am when it comes to intellegence. Does it make them uglier, shorter than me? Are they social outcasts because of the advantage they have over me in intellegence? Do any of them have 3 nipples or 8 arms? If they do, is it because they are intelligent? No, in fact, many on this board are good looking, intelligent, have all the right amount of nipples and limbs, and are more successful than me. Is it fair? No, but it happens.

Oh, and small nitpick. From my readings, I have gathered that we are not the most complex mammal. In fact even a fruit fly (not a mammal of course) is just as complex.
So unless you mean we are more “complex” because of our intellect, I would have to disagree. Our DNA is no more complex than a fruit fly, would would other mammals differ?