I live in the New York City area and for the past few months I’ve been spotting the word (or acronym?) “WOW” on the sides of buildings and cars. At first, I thought it was the “tag” of one of the local grafitti artists, but now it’s been showing up on more reputable stationery such as bumper stickers. Obviously, this is meant to get the observer to ask the obvious question as to what it stands for (as in the case of John 3:16 or WWJD). So…what the heck is this? Is someone trying to gain my salvation by spray painting “WOW” into the side of the local ShopRite?

Anyone have a clue what WOW is?


It’s a bit more secular than WWJD. WOW stands for “Whip-'em Out Wednesday”. It’s a promotional thing for a local radio station (WNEW). The idea is that fans of WNEW’s afternoon show can put this sign in their car windows. If a female driver sees the WOW sign in your window and is a fan of the show she will proceed to flash her chestular region at you. It’s a promotional thing.

I’m not a listener of the show, so you might be better served checking out WNEW’s website if you’re really curious.

I wonder what would happen if males got confused and started honoring that request.