Xbox Live Problem

Well i have a linksys router (WRT54GS) it is wireless, but we are using a wired connection for our… xbox…
ive changed the MTU ( watever its called ) to the number i found…
i did all the portfowarding… to my router
( and my xbox (

still i cant figure it out… can anybody tell me how to fix.

Insufficient data. I have an identical set-up, didn’t do any port forwarding to my XBox, and it worked when plugged in without any need for … anything, really.

Checkout this site.

Whilst it does deal with the belkin, most routers should have similar options. After I’d followed them, it worked immediately for me.
Make sure the IP you’re port forwarding to for the xbox is correct, because mine seems to change it’s IP pretty much whenever it fancies it, so I have to keep checking it.

If you’re experiencing trouble connecting to Xbox Live, it could be that your NAT is closed. There should be a setting to set it to “Open” in your router.
EDIT: <sigh> I should have clicked the link above before I posted.