Yeah, I'm pretty much an idiot, yes?

The age difference was the thing, along with the fact that she hid it from me.She was intelligent, well read, gorgeous, and amazing sexually. I might have never figured it out on my own (her age). She likely was cramming ancient history facts in order to keep me in the dark. She discussed music as if she had actually lived through the years before her birth. But I could not get past the age thing.

Very much so. Go have a fun time.

In Oklahoma, substitute teachers aren’t required to have a teaching degree at all. A high school diploma is sufficient. Of course, they prefer teachers (and lots of retired ones pick up the occasional day, or new teachers who haven’t got a position yet) but there’s no legal reason they can’t hire someone who’s not a degreed teacher.

This leads to hilarious things like schools being legally required to pay a substitute to “supervise” over a class that has a student teacher-- that is, a person who is nearly finished with their teaching degree, being supervised by someone who isn’t required by law to have any degree at all.

She could be a student teacher, also, meaning she’s still in college, right? If she only teaches at one school, she’s probably not a sub (they tend to go to any school in an area). I started college myself at 17 so I could have been in a student-teaching position by 19, if I’d hurried.

Well, apart from the sexual aspect, she fits the bill (and that because we haven’t done anything sexual) but do you think she really was cramming in order to keep you in the dark? Hear me out here; when I meet someone and, say, she’s into theatre, I may not really be into theatre but I’ll make an effort for the sake of the girl I’m dating. Maybe she was doing the same sort of thing; she really liked you and knew you had certain interests so she was trying to impress you. There’s nothing really wrong with that, or dishonest, unless she pretended to ALWAYS be into those things.

That sounds reasonable. It definitely makes sense if she was a student teacher with the desire to be a full-time teacher in a short period of time that she would just describe herself as a teacher (I would probably do the same) but it’s definitely something I will ask her about, when the time is right.

Add that to your “to do list”.:smiley:

I agree. She spoke with my buddies (& me) and then researched. She was fantastic in man=y ways. I was the one who couldn’t help thinking that when I was x she would be y.

Seriously, have fun. Do a teacher/student thing in bed where you have been naughty and she can practice her discipline/teaching skills.:smiley:

Oh, and take pictures in case you begin having age related memory problems. (J/K)

I’d move slowly and cautiously, were I you. This could be true, or could be bullshit. Don’t lie down with the potential crazy, just yet. Find out where she went to uni, check it out, there will be a record of a prodigy graduating, I promise. If this proves to be untrue, or she won’t tell you where she went to college, I’d have to say, ‘red flag, red flag, red flag’, no matter her age or hotness.

I’ve already deliberately sent text messages with horrible grammar or “textspeak” (which we both hate) as a joke so she’s got some material to work with.

Good call. No matter what, it’s never a good idea to shack up with crazy. It’s just that she seems too good to be true, so I do need to be cautious as you said.

Or, just go ahead, enjoy a nice normal dating experience with someone that likes you without checking for records of a prodigy graduating the uinversity she says she went to.

Go for it, have fun, and remember that anyone can be a liar about anything. Just because she’s young and pretty doesn’t mean she has to be on the make. She may just feel a chemistry with you and wants to explore it. Maybe overweight 37 year old balding men do it for her. Who knows. Why would we jump to the idea that she may be crazy? Come on.

My vote is, go for it, have fun, if she turns out to be crazy or on the make you tell her, “See ya, nice knowing ya” and you’re out.

You are overthinking, and then overthinking your overthinking.

She asked you on a date. SAY YES! She didn’t ask you to marry her, she asked you to see a movie with her. Go ahead and see a movie with her. Enjoy each other’s company. Let whatever relationship you may or may not end up having develop organically.

Maybe your age difference will become a barrier, maybe it won’t. But you’ll never know unless you act. If she turns out to be a gold-digger (though from your description it sounds unlikely), you’ll find out soon enough. I see absolutely no reason not to pursue this.

It sounds like you’re just someone for her to check off her list…bohemian artist…check.

Seriously, she probably has some issues with her father, but you can deal with all that later if need be. See where this takes you.

Maybe she just wants sex. A lot of young kids like older men and women because they feel less pressure. They feel the older man/woman had experience…

I doubt this will lead to anything long term, but so what? Have fun, it’s summer. You could drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow, so don’t overthink this to death.

If she dumps you, oh well you had fun. If she’s too young and you dump her, she’ll get over it.

As long as she’s not using you and your not using her either than who cares. Face it 50 years from now you’ll be dead and gone and no one will even remember this.

They only thing that matters is you treat her with dignity and respect and that she is also giving you dignity and respect. For better or worse the rest will work itself out, one way or another.

Now go have fun with your new lady friend. :slight_smile:

No, I wouldn’t. But give me a gun and the likelihood rises considerably.

That doesn’t make sense. I mean, I’m sure it can vary depending on where you are, but where I live it works like this: you go to college and get your BA/BS – 3-4 years. Then, you get your teaching credential- 1-2 years, during which time you do student teaching, in addition to your classes.

I sincerely doubt the girl got a BA/BS, a teaching credential, and did her student teaching in three years. Sixteen or twenty six, I’m going to have to say she’s probably lying. I’m 24 and spent the last three years teaching on and off again at a private school (so I don’t have a teaching credential- I was a special exception as a hire) and I was BY FAR the youngest teacher. Almost all of my friends are public school teachers, too. The youngest of whom started teaching at 22.

I can’t believe people are actually believing this. Even if she was a “prodigy”, a teaching degree = actual undergraduate degree and you can’t complete that in one year. I believe that’d make the newspapers all over if it actually happened.

Grade A bullshitter, right there.

I do. Right off the top of my head, my cousin. She’s been teaching for years, and still waitresses in the summer (and even during the year if they need her to cover a shift or a busy weekend).

Oh yeah, plenty of teachers do this- so it’s not unbelievable. Mostly younger teachers, but I’ve got friends who even work at Subway and stuff during the summer.

She MAY be a kindergarten teaching assistant, but she IS NOT an accredited, certified elementary school teacher at 19 years old…

I don’t think you should necc. rush out to call her a liar or to challenge her on this, but be aware that either she is less than fully honest or you are misunderstanding what she says.

I would continue to enjoy her company, while being open to the fact that she is prone to exaggeration or streching the trooth.