Yesterday, I sat on a jury. . .

I’ve never sat on a trial jury, but I have sat on a federal grand jury.

Here in Kansas there are three places they sit, Topeka, Kansas City, and Wichita. I was lucky when called, and served in Topeka, which is where I actually live. We were paid $40 daily, plus mileage and parking.

I had to go in twelve times, once every six weeks in a year and a half period. Only once did we have to sit for more than one day. My employer paid me my regular pay while serving, and I kept the court fees too. All in all a very interesting experience.

But I was lucky to get a fgj here in town. I could have been called to Kansas City or Wichita. We had one guy who had to come all the way from western Kansas, each time. He got lodging fees as well.

Most of the hearings concerned guns, drugs, or guns AND drugs. But there was one rather complicated inter state bankruptcy hearing, and one charge of indecent behavior. The latter was federal because the alleged inappropriate touching(junior high male teacher, to young girls) occured on a military base in a school for dependent children.