You Fargin Iceholes: The Johnny Dangerously Thread

I love the scene where Johnny walks into the side room (at his mom’s), and an entire roomfull of laundry falls on him.

This was, indeed, a great movie.

Another good Danny Vermin line: “I enjoy collecting protection money, putting whores to work, loan-sharking. I enjoy planting bombs in people’s cars. These are a few of my favorite things.”

“I can see! And I can hear! But who am I?”

“Whatcha cookin’, Ma?”
“With noodles! Great idea.”

One of my absolute favorites, and the first thing I think of whenever anybody mentions Michael Keaton. Now I have to go home and watch it tonight.

Post-Meridian … Ante-Meridian … Uncle Meridian … all the little Meridians …

Vermin: “I’ve fulfilled a lot of peoples’ predictions about me. I’ve become a real scumbag.”
Dangerously: “Good for you, Danny! A lot of people go their whole life without realizing what they want to be.”

I love when his brother’s brakes fail, and as the car goes faster and faster, the radio music speeds up.

Tommy: “Does the name Mary Margaret Katherine Denine strike a familiar chord?”
Vermin: “I’m tone deaf.”
Tommy: “Too bad, cause she’s singing like a canary and we’ve got her in our own little cage.”

Johnny: “Hey, how about me getting knocked out?”

First scene in movie. Big date on screne 1932 I think. Car pulls up and smashes it.
Then all Maronis dialogue is hilarious.

I also thought of Ma’s confiding, “I go both ways,” to her appalled daughter-in-law. Hilarious.

You forgot about Night Shift which I would place about Beetlejuice and Batman should be in a different category.

I call people farging iceholes all the time.

And when he meets Lil for the first time, “Who’s the canary?”. On preview, this might be from a “Moonlighting” episode. :dubious:

“New York, Chicago … to a girl on her own, it’s all the same.”

And the ten-foot Lincoln Tunnel gets me every time, because I forget it’s coming.

Quick, who had the white suit he wanted to wear for Halloween, but no idea what to be with it? Doesn’t Johnny wear a white suit when he meets Lil?

Johnny! You were willing to take a bullet for me!

Actually, I was counting on a lot of missin’.

Jocko Dundee: "You got the number of that other plumber? "

DA Burr:“The public sees him as a knight in shining armor”
Danny Vermin: "This goes through armor. And through the victim, through the wall, through a tree outside… "

Great Movie. I wish I could remember more of the visual gags. back in the days of the Zucker Bros and Abrahams, where a joke didn’t need a setup and a reveal. If you got it, you were lucky.
I swear, watching a spoof film these days like Scary Movie or Hot Shots, every gag is setup for 2 minutes before the gag and then for two more minutes is a reveal like, “You see what we did there?! It was funny, yes?” Today’s filmmakers need to go watch this move and see how it’s really done!

Lil: And shelf paper! Oh, Johnny, I *love * shelf paper!

Ma Kelly: With a father like “Killer” Kelly, it’s a wonder neither of you turned out to be a piece 'o shit criminal!

Me gas da bus. You gas da bus. We missed the bus. They missed the bus. When’s the next bus?
Odesti Fidellas. Centra fidellas. Hi fidellas.

Prisoner: Spit in his eye Johnny!
Johnny Dangerously: OK Rabbi.

Hot Shots was written and directed by Abrahams and Scary Movie 4 was directed by David Zucker.

It’s like you’re saying the guy who directed A.I. should go back and study Close Encounters and E.T. (which he should).