"You know, that's handicapped parking spot!"

It’s bad luck to park in the handicapped spot. If you do that, you’ll end up needing it. Possibly when someone who gets pissed off by able-bodied people parking in the handicapped spaces beats you up.

And suppose that during those 10 quick inconsequential minutes a physically handicapped person needs that spot and can’t get it?

He’s definitely in the wrong. But I did have to think about something:

Consider this: Double parking is also illegal. But people making deliveries do it all the time, at least in some places. Go to Chinatown in San Francisco and the streets are clogged with trucks double parking in order to make deliveries. They’re breaking the law, but they hardly ever get a ticket for it.

Is breaking the parking law in one way to make deliveries worse than breaking the law another way?

How would you handicap it?

The other day I was eating a burrito I found in the work fridge. Pretty sure it belonged to that fatty I work with, but it’s not like they need it. I heated it up in the microwave and man, that leaked everywhere while I was helping myself to the last of the coffee without making more. I figured I’d cap the whole thing off by making some popcorn, but that burrito was so delicious, I forgot all about it and it burnt. Pain in the ass.

Anyway, so I’m eating my burrito and some bitch told me I was being inconsiderate for some reason. I know, right? She couldn’t be more wrong.

Pipe to the kneecaps.

The problem there is that there are no back-of-building delivery areas, no on-street unloading zones and the nearest parking for a large truck is miles away.

Cars and small delivery vans/pickups don’t always get the same leeway.

Just to be fair, I did a lookup on whether you are authorized to use those spaces and, well…apparently being morally handicapped isn’t on their list of qualifications.
So sorry.

I think, ethically speaking, the difference is that double parking isn’t the same as taking a space that is intended to make life a little easier for a handicapped person.

Fuck the handicapped and their special parking places. I mean, its not like they are really people after all.

Perhaps only slightly worse, because one is potentially inconveniencing a handicapped person, and society is getting particularly sensitive to that.

The main problem of the OP is coming here and whining about being called on his/her lawbreaking. Fine - park in a handicapped spot because you “need it just for a moment”. But then don’t whine and bitch when someone tells you you’re in the wrong. You were wrong. You chose your path - live with it.

What are you talking about?

Everyone knows that activation of the hazard lights constitutes a universal “I’ll park wherever the hell i want” signal.

What I came in the say/ask. I see this all the time. At thelocal 7-11 the truck can’t even get near the store without taking 4 spaces, one of which is the handicap space.

If I had to load or unload and the choice was either on the street or in a handicap spot it would be the handicap spot every time. At least it is a parking space.

Yeah, no sympathy. You were in the wrong. SO wrong.

Do people break the law or do other things they know are wrong? Yes, all the time.

But acknowledge that you’re doing something wrong and don’t become self-righteous and defensive when somebody points that out.

Where I live, “commercial” streets allow double-parking for unloading and delivery. I work on a commercial street. A truck can park in the middle of it for hours during delivery and they are not breaking the law. I cannot park in the middle of the street for any reason or I will be breaking the law. Check your local ordinances.

OP is an asshole.

Justify it all you want, you’re a bad person. There are some things you just shouldn’t do no matter how lazy you are.

I was thinking more of a good ankle hobbling, a la Kathy Bates in ‘Misery.’

I’m sure that defense would have worked brilliantly if you had gotten a ticket.

“Yes, Your Honor, I was parked in the handicap space. But as the court is surely aware, there’s a tacit level of approval for bending these sorts of rules.”

Which would bring us back to the blue parking spot which the thread could legally apply to park in.