You people in the UK can stop looking down on us Americans

Hey, I’m from Canada, do I get to look down on anybody? :slight_smile:

(I think we’re getting ready in the back of our shop for Hallowe’en, I’m not sure if that counts…)

Lenox has been trying to sell me Christmas ornaments and the World Wildlife Fund has been sending me their Christmas card samples since the end of June.

Geographically speaking, you look down on about three-fourths of the world.

It’s no fun unless you at least pretend to be offended. :smiley:

Ah but they don’t have Christmas in Yorkshire. Any idea 'ow much coal costs to put in t’kid’s stokin’s? and that white beard get’s inway of t’dour expression.

Hey!!! If I wanted to mock Lancastrians, I wouldn’t call them ‘Northerners’!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t overlook the fact that this is about Harrods…run by a guy who thinks Princess Diana was killed in some top-secret James Bond-style assassination. He has no sense of reality whatsoever, but knows that this will make him more money. That’s all he cares about.