Your definition of a sports dynasty

…the ghost of coach John Wooden enters the chat…

From 1959 to 1969 the Boston Celtics won 10 out of the 11 championships. They’re the definition of dynasty.

Not a bad example, but bear in mind that, for the first 12 seasons of that run, there were only six teams in the NHL, and four of the six teams made the playoffs each season.

Dammed good effort and remarkable team.
But as pointed out by @Hook in post 6, St George won 11 straight premierships from 1956 through 1966.

Unless you are saying that, by definition, to be a dynasty you need to lose one.

My definition is that the team keeps winning championships with no bad years for a period where only a couple of players (ideally none) from the first championship (other than the coach or GM) are still playing at the last one.

Anything else is a great team, but not a dynasty.

There are only a handful of teams that qualify.

Were any of the players on the 1956 team on the 1966 team? A quick wiki search seemed to indicate that there were no players for the whole run. But I didn’t look into it enough to see who was there for a long part of the success.

The Celtics had only one player for the entire run (Bill Russell) but there were a solid core of players for the whole time. Of the top 9 players with the most NBA championships, 8 are from the Celtics of that era.

I’m not sure this plays into the idea of Dynasty, but I think having a solid core throughout the entire run should factor into it.

They didn’t win it all during that time period due to running into some bad luck against Eli Manning. They did, however, have their two best teams (2007 and 2011) during that time period. They won their division every year during that time period as well, other than in 2008 when Brady was out with his torn ACL.

In the 12 seasons from winning in 1956, winning the next 10, to losing the GF in 1967 St George fielded 97 players. (13 players in a rugby league team.)
No player was there for the entire premiership run.

Norm Provan won 10, retiring after 1965.
Brian “Poppa” Clay played 11 seasons from 1957 winning 8 and missing 2 GFs wins: 1962 due to a broken arm and 1963 again where he lost his place due to injury but won the Reserve grade premiership. Playing for Newton before joining St George he played in two losing GF in 1954 & 1955.
Ed Lumsden played 10 seasons from 1957 winning 9
Reg Gasnier, John Raper, Brian Graham and Monty Porter won 8 premierships

As it turns out Norm Provan passed away last night, aged 88.
Good innings Sir … well played.

Farewell Norm.

Between 1996 and 2003, the Yankees won four championships, six pennants and the AL East seven times. Ah, the good ol’ days.