Your favorite movie in which nothing happens

At a minimum, Indiana keeps Marian from being mutilated by the Nazis early on.

Au contraire! Indy knows that Marion’s father owned the brass medallion that when mounted on a pole the length of which is specified on the medallion and then inserted in the correct hole only then would the sunlight shine on the correct location of the tomb which holds the Ark. The Germans were digging in the wrong location.

That’s true, although the Nazis would have never found Marian had he not led them to her.

Tell that to the defendant. Fonda got him acquitted.

Right. Fortunately Jones was there to show the Nazis where the Ark was actually buried.

Without Indiana Jones, the Germans would’ve gotten the real medallion and gotten the height of the staff right.

We presume.
The film ends prior to this occurring.

It’s also possible that without Jones the Germans would have never located Ravenwood (and the medallion) given that they had to tail Jones to Nepal.

The Well of Souls was a massive vault located within visual distance of the Nazi’s main camp. They’d have found it eventually through random chance. Even without the medallion.

Which he then got back, after a dashboard beat down and throwing the German driver under the truck.


Actually, the entire film makes one huge presumption: That the US was more than mildly interested in what the Germans were doing in 1938. The majority of the US public was strongly in favor of neutrality for the US until late in 1940 after the fall of France and the beginning of the Battle of the Atlantic. If Germans hadn’t foolishly declared war on the US in the wake of Pearl Harbor, we may have stayed out of the European portion of the conflict until the mid 1940s.

The US government wouldn’t have cared less about Hitler getting his hands on any supernatural item as the mood at the time wasn’t that the US would be at war with Germany.

I remember when I first heard about it. I had the TV on as background noise, and heard “David Lynch” and “rated G” in the same sentence. :eek:

Great movie, BTW.

As for the thread, I second “My Dinner With Andre.” I loved it, too.

Which the Nazis promptly get back by hijacking the steamer with a U-boat.

It’s a mistake to confuse the attitude of the voting public with the attitude of the government. While popular support for entering into a “European war” was weak with the voters, lots of people in government recognized the growing threat of European fascism, and the possibility of war with Germany. Not least among them, the president himself.

Anyway, it’s not like the government was putting a vast amount of resources into getting the Ark. The sum total of their involvement appears to have been telling a college professor about it and hoping he’d solve the problem for them.

Maybe they paid for his plane tickets to Nepal, too. It wasn’t exactly the Berlin Airlift, is what I’m saying.

It’s a very dramatic film however. They saved a bunch of money on sets.

Beat me to it.

Also Conspiracy, which is essentially a recreation of a bunch of high-level bureaucrats having a meeting.

However! It is because Indy knew to keep his eyes closed and to tell Marion to keep her eyes closed that they both survived being turned into sand and swallowed up by the Ark.

Does The Breakfast Club count?

Either that or Dazed and Confused.

I disagree, there is no transformative moment, no explosions, only a tiny bit of BB gun fire. The characters are better for having met each other, but beyond that, nothing really changes at the end of the [del]painting[/del] movie.

My candidate would be a rather obscure thing called Box of Moonlight. It is crazy, meaningless fun that goes nowhere.

The Sixth Sense, as seen from everybody’s perspective but a freaky kid’s.